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Yuneec Typhoon H Drone Hard Case

Product Description

The modern day world prefers convenience to be an integral part of their professional work environment for optimum performance, especially in the world of Drone aviation, where everything is built with precision. Safe storing of equipment is vital, but convenience is well appreciated. Using state of the art manufacturing processes, hard cases have evolved over the years and provide the optimum storage cases for many types of professional equipment. Safe storage can ensure the longevity of the Drone and all its accessories. We might be a beginner or even an expert while flying a drone up in the sky, but when it is on the ground, it is required to be stored and kept safely. It is not possible to sit beside expensive equipment and safeguard it all day long from dust, water, pollution and theft. The smarter solution to solve this problem can be accomplished by the Yuneec Typhoon H Drone Hard Case, manufactured by CasePro. This hard case is exclusively designed to safeguard the Typhoon H drone and its accessories. It is considered to be one of the best hard cases. The case is made of an injection molded high density polypropylene material that is dust and waterproof. This unique combination of materials ensures the lightweight of the case and makes it easy to be strolled around. The Typhoon H drone is a state of the art flying machine which is able to capture stunning aerial imagery and video. It does not come cheap and requires the ultimate protection to keep it safe from prying eyes around us. The wheels of this case are concealed under and provides for easy agility of the entire case while strolling it around in busy airports or terminals. The pull out handle offers the perfect grip, for you to hold on to the case easily, even in wet conditions. The foam cut outs on the inside provide the perfect snug fit for the equipment stored within. It ensures that equipment does not fall out of their designated compartments, while being transported to different locations. The unique blend of manufacturing materials gives it complete dust and water proof capability. In worst case scenario, this hard case also provides the option of being submersible. The hinges of this hard case are concealed within the case, thus ensuring maximum security. This gives you a peace of mind while travelling, knowing that everything is safe within this case.

Build and Design:

Take one look at this hard case and you will be greeted by its dominant matte black color and its rugged appearance. It does not come with any flashy colors, but is capable of protecting Typhoon H drone against harsh environmental conditions and passing those tests with flying colors. There are handles on either sides of the case, aiding you to carry the case vertically or horizontally. The pull out handle for strolling around in airports is concealed within and provides a firm grip even in slippery conditions. There are 4 trigger release latches that can be used easily to flip the case open to reveal its contents. The hinges on this case use a seamless design and are concealed within the case. This increase the security levels even more by keeping away unwanted access to the contents within. Furthermore, the form factor of this hard case is ATA rated, which means that it can easily be carried with you on long trips and stored in the overhead luggage compartments within the aircraft. The interior build quality is at par with the exterior trim. The interior is a safe haven for easy storage of equipment. It is lined with high density foam and intricately cutout to store the Typhoon H drone and its accessories easily. It provides a snug fit and restricts the unwanted movement of the items within the case, while being lugged around on challenging terrain conditions.

Case Capacity:

  • Yuneec Typhoon H drone
  • ST16 Transmitter
  • Up to 5 batteries
  • Spare propellers
  • Smart charger for the battery
  • Miscellaneous accessories

This hard case comes along with a CasePro tool case that can store your extra gear, if required. It has additional compartments that can facilitate the storage of SD cards. This ensures that you always have enough recording capacity even in remote locations.

Key specifications:

Product Name                                       : CasePro Yuneec Typhoon H Drone Hard Case

Part No.                                                 : CP-YUN-TY-H

Availability                                            : Shipping Early May

Interior Length                                     : 22.00

Interior Width                                        : 17.00

Interior Height                                        : 12.70

Removable Lid                                                   : No

Lid Height                                               : 2.00

Base Height                                           : 10.70

Exterior Length                                     : 24.34

Exterior Width                                        : 19.48

Exterior Height                                      : 14.38

Material                                                 : High Density Polypropylene

Manufacturing Process                       : Injection Molded

Interior                                                   : Yuneec Typhoon H Insert

Water Resistance                               : Waterproof

Hinges                                                 : Stainless steel pin hinge

Latches                                                : Trigger release latches (4)

Security Options                                 : 2 padlock provisions

Ata Rated                                            : Yes

Weight                                                            : 26.00

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