YUNEEC Tornado H920 Hexa-Copter with ST24 Transmitter

This Tornado bundle comes ready-to-fly and includes a pre-bound transmitter, two flight batteries, a dual-battery charger, and an aluminum case.

  • Works with GB603 gimbal for Panasonic GH4 camera, both available separately
  • Carbon fiber frame
  • Retractable landing gear
  • Fail-safe folding arms
  • Return-to-home and auto landing capabilities
  • One motor failure survivability
  • GPS antenna
  • Compass
  • Air pressure sensor

  • YUNEECTornado H920 Hexa-Copter with ST24 Transmitter

    Product Description

    For a full review of the Tornao H920, click here.

    The H920 is a multi-rotor drone that is catered to suit the ever rising demands of professional photographers and videographers. The first thing that you might notice is the drone’s modular construction with a carbon fiber frame which helps in easy drone storage while being transported. The dimensions of the drone are carefully planned and constructed with utmost precision and along with the foldable arms, it becomes a small sized version to be carried around much easier. The landing gear also retracts automatically once the drone is in flight. This helps the camera to have a complete 360° FOV without any obstructions. The 3-axis gimbal system, which is now driven by brushless motors, has the capability to self – stabilize even in turbulent environmental conditions. It is now capable of holding two amazing cameras that excel in image and video quality. The gimbal’s frame is primarily made of aluminum which is not only lightweight but rigid enough to hold the weight of these cameras. Waste no time, with the ready-to-fly feature of the H920. Very little assembly is required to take it up to the beautiful skies above. The seamless integration of the GPS module into the main body makes it sleek and safer in flight mode. It also aids in optimal satellite connectivity, thus enabling the drone to stay in flight safely even if you let go of the flight controls on the remote controller. Though it might look complicated with its powerful presence, the H920 is surprisingly easy to fly and remains a good choice for beginners as well as for seasoned drone pilots. Innovative features such as Auto – landing capability and 5 rotor instant take off system make it quite the deal to match your adventurous lifestyle and capture aerial footages instantly. The H920 is lightweight in construction and has a longer range of control than some of its competitors in this segment. The ST24 ground station is the personalized controller of the H920 drone. The connection is established with a 2.4 GHz antenna and joysticks that offer precise movements of your drone in any given situation. A beautiful 7” touchscreen built into the remote controller displays a vast array of much required information about the H920’s flight to keep it in check at all times. Dedicated buttons for photography and videography make life easier while capturing stunning aerial footages with the click of a single button. Be mesmerized with the user interface of flight information. Similar to the real deal, its unique appearance is coupled with vast information of flight data such as voltage, GPS position, altitude, velocity and many more. Smart Pad feature is unique to the H920 where in you can browse the internet and download updates of firmware or even check your email on the go.



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