VR ONE Headset From Zeiss

VR ONE Headset From Zeiss

VR One Virtual Reality Smartphone Headset from Zeiss turns your smart phone into a new frontier of virtual reality viewing experience. One can get a premium viewing experience by putting on the VR goggles which phones fail to give. Enhance your videos and view on a large scale like never before. Experience a First Person View (FPV) from your drone which enables you to exactly have a cockpit view. FPV flight makes your experience more secured, accurate and easy maneuvering.

Product Description:

VR One Headset is absolutely compatible with IPhone 6 and IPhone 6 plus and also supports smartphones with screen sizes ranging between 4.7 and 5.5 inches. The universal tray adds the benefit of supporting all the smartphones models. Enjoy an amazing experience of many apps available on Google play store and Apple store by simply connecting your smart phone to the VR one headset. It is simple to download and launch the app, followed by locking the smartphone in the precision tray and slide it in VR one headset. The smartphone tray gives an exact positioning to the smartphone.

Zeiss Precision Lenses and Leading-edge optical design offers sharp picture from the center to the edge. There is no requirement for lens adjustment which is required for different inter-pupillary distance. You can easily wear glasses during operation with VR one. Internal tracking by smartphone sensors helps to see through front shielding.  All the elements helps to give real time environment view without making images look cloudy or disturbed.  This consumer grade gear is strong with comfortable foam padding and durable adjustable bands.

Absolutely comfortable to use, VR One Headset can be used with or without the head strap depending on the application. The foam may be needed to be replaced over time due to hygienic reasons. It is very portable and ultra-light weight that gives videos, games a wow experience.

VR One Headset gives an amazing real time cockpit view from the drone. It is compatible with DJI Phantom 2 vision, DJI 3 Professional and DJI Inspire. Cloud light FPV and Litchi for DJI Phantom are the apps that are compatible and available on the Apple store and Google play store.


  • Smartphone powered
  • Innovative smart phone tray
  • Fully immersive FPV
  • Huge 100 degree FOV
  • ZEISS precision optics
  • Simple, elegant, affordable
  • Smart phone sensors for augmented reality apps
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