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Alpha 1S

UBTECH Alpha 1S Intelligent Humanoid Robot

UBTECH Alpha 1S Intelligent Humanoid Robot

Humanoid robots are the outcome of a revolutionary new concept where robots are created with the shape of a human body, and capacity to think and act, in the sense, obey simple commands given by humans. A humanoid robot is designed to socially interact and get used to the simple tools and gadgets human beings use in their day-to-day lives. The UBTCH Alpha 1S is designed to closely resemble a human and has a head, torso, limbs and legs just like a human. Even the head is shaped like a human head.

Humanoid robots have been created after conducting extensive research and can replicate human behavior to an extent. Based on advanced robotics, the Alpha 1S is programmed to follow simple commands and can operate devices and gadgets used by humans. The Alpha 1S can fill in as an everyday companion and offer help around the household, helping out in the kitchen, living room and bedroom.

The Alpha 1S is a highly intelligent robot that is a great entertainer, which can be connected via Bluetooth 4.0 to your PC Android or iOS. The robot can be easily controlled by using downloadable software and Apps. It comes with 16 degrees of freedom (DOF); with 5 degrees each assigned to the right and left leg and 3 degrees each for the left and right hand. The robot is programmed to carry out a range of complex movements including pushups, forward rolls, backward rolls, leg stands and hand stands, and high leg kick, thanks to the low-power patented designs that enable these movements.  

The Alpha 1S is capable of movements like tai chi, hip hop and some great dance steps, or simply walk around the house intelligently avoiding obstacles in its path. It is endowed with a 3 axis gyroscope and infrared sensor that together help the robot maintain its balance. The Alpha 1S is capable of rotating up to 180 degrees, giving it amazing agility while carrying out tasks. The robot can be setup to perform different moves, thanks to the user-friendly graphic programming which enable it to remember every single move by simply manipulating its arms and legs, with each move being saved in the downloaded App for future reference. Several dance moves can also be downloaded, and can be demonstrated during parties, making get togethers more lively.

The Alpha 1S is capable of demonstrating several fitness moves and a few yoga poses, all of which can be programmed. The robot can be used to teach your kids simple moves and exercises, kindling the interest in them to take up a fitness routine very early in life. This amazing entertainment companion gives you the freedom to learn, program and demonstrate your ideas, dances, and fitness moves as well as martial arts moves to your friends and family and regale them with cute antics. The Alpha 1S can be programmed to follow dance moves to hot music hits that can be downloaded via Bluetooth onto your iPhone, Android or PC. What’s more is this intelligent robot consumes very little power, and the built-in battery provides enough power for it to go on for an hour or more on every charge. It is created using environment friendly materials and is safe enough to be handled by kids. The special “anti pinch” structure design prevents accidents and injuries while in operation.


  • 3D visualization (PC) and action editing software
  • Exceptionally high power core and digital servos that enable precision movements with absolute control.
  • 16 movable joints/servos placed all over the body making the Alpha 1S highly flexible with incredibly human-like movements.
  • Environmentally friendly ABS plastic material, which is shock resistant and safe.
  • High Speed Bluetooth connectivity to mobile phone, compatible with iOS and Android.
  • Short charging time for battery, long run after each charge.
  • Sensors fixed in arms and legs in order to prevent jamming while in motion.


  • Dimensions: 398 X 196 X 113 mm
  • Weight: 65 kg
  • Material: Tough ABS plastic, Aluminum Alloy structure
  • Freedom: 16 degrees of freedom
  • Speaker: Mono
  • Processor: STM32F103RDT6
  • External Storage: Standard 128mb, extendable up to 32GB
  • Control Mode: Bluetooth 4.0/BLE
  • Battery: 4V 2200mAh Lipoly
  • Running Time: 1 hour
  • Compatible with: Windows/iOS/Android
  • Software Programming: 3D visual PC software
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