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Communication Technology:

  • Telemetry: 915mhz 500mw, 2-4 Mile Range
  • R/C Control: 2.4ghz, ~ 3/4 Mile Range

Flight Performance

  • Endurance: 120 Minutes to 90% Depth of Discharge
  • Recommended Cruise: 38mph
  • Climb Rate: >2000fpm

TALON Unmanned Aerial System

When performance is all that matters, the Talon SUAS fixed wing aerial platform is the apt choice to get the job done. This is a robust platform that can take to the skies right out of the box and remain in flight for 2 hours. This amazing aircraft is unrivalled in its class leading performance in the skies and the fixed wing structure makes it an exceptional aircraft to tackle some of the most demanding flight conditions. The Talon aircraft is a class leading performer which also come with different battery packages to suit individual flight requirements. Low powered batteries that reduce the overall weight of the aircraft yet maintain an hour of flight is available for easy launching that can be done right from the hand. The more powerful high density battery is also available that can let you enjoy the flight time of this amazing aircraft for close to 3 hours along with a light weight camera system. The Talon SUAS is capable of reaching speeds up to 17m/s (60kmph). The Talon can be controlled with a remote controller that is capable of precise flight inputs. The controllable range is up to 2-4 miles which is just perfect to cover large areas of land within a few minutes of flight time.

The entire build of the aircraft is made possible with laser cutting, CAD designs and state of the art CNC machining process. This enables the aircraft to maintain high levels of rigidity during its flight in the skies above. The camera systems are optionally available according to your shooting requirements. This makes the Talon a highly versatile UAV system that is always ready for the next big task ahead.


This is without a doubt the perfect camera for the Talon SUAS due to the size factor. It is small only its form factor but packs quite a lot of punch when it comes to its image capturing skills. The image sensor is a 20.1 megapixel system that is capable of capturing amazing aerial photographs and videos. The images are sharp, colorful and noise-free even in low light situations. The mirrorless system is the latest trend with digital cameras and it sure speaks volumes when the high resolution images are printed with utmost clarity and details. The extra resolution allows for image cropping without the loss of image quality if and when required. The camera system interfaces with the flight controller system and is trigger based on the travelled distance. Regardless of the speed the aircraft is flying in, the camera system stays stable and compensates for the forces from wind. The offered camera package includes an ultra-wide 16mm lens that is distortion free and allows for crisp imagery at all times.

MapIR CAMERAS FOR NDVI ($450 Camera)

For agricultural purposes, the MAP IR camera systems are the perfect go to solutions that can get the job done in less amounts of time. The Talon SUAS aircraft can house four of these cameras at the same time. These are used to detect reflected Infra-red light from the vegetation below which can later be used to create heat maps that can determine the health of the plants. The same can also be used to control variable rate application systems. This MAP IR camera system interfaces with the flight controller system and performs with a trigger based operation. Compensating for wind, the MAP IR systems are capable of a flawless performance even in the most demanding flight conditions.

SONY A6000  ($900 Camera)

Boasting a 24 megapixel image sensor, the Sony A6000 is the ultimate choice for high resolution images. The image quality is just superb and it is simply the go to camera for the most demanding of users out there. Another cool feature is the fact that it can be interfaced via its hot shoe system with an RTK/PPK system to achieve geo-tagging that is accurate within a centimeter. This camera system also interfaces with the flight controller system and is able to compensate for the wind forces that is unavoidable at high altitudes. The offered package includes an ultra-wide 16mm lens that features a minimal distortional value and is able to capture aerial images or video with professional results.


This is a state of the art camera system that is designed exclusively to be used for the most demanding agricultural purposes. The entire build quality of this camera system is robust and is amazingly small. This makes it a highly versatile and a powerful camera system that can be used with UAVs to analyze crop health over large areas. The 16 megapixel RGB imager makes it easy to be used for digital scouting. The sequoia irradiance sensor and the integrated GPS feature makes it one of the best calibrated image tool for precision agriculture.


This is a premium package that includes a powerful laptop that is pre-configured to be used with the Talon SUAS aircraft. There is a Remote control simulator that is included along with the SUAS trainer aircraft. 2 days of onsite training with a training airplane at your desired location is made possible with this package within the United States. This amazing package also features a 5 hours of remote (TeamViewer/phone) support and ten email based mission reviews.


  • Talon SUAS aircraft
  • 22.2 volt high capacity battery
  • 2.4 GHz Digital remote control transmitter
  • 500mw 915MHZ telemetry link
  • AC charger for battery (DC charger available upon request)
  • Spare propellers
  • USB Flash drive with Mission planner and USB drivers for Telemetry
  • Quick start guide

Prior to shipment, the aircraft is tested and tuned for ultimate performance right out of the box.

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