Communication Technology:

  • Telemetry: 915mhz 500mw, 2-4 Mile Range
  • R/C Control: 2.4ghz, ~ 3/4 Mile Range

Flight Performance

  • Endurance: 120 Minutes to 80% Depth of Discharge
  • Recommended Cruise: 29mph
  • Climb Rate: >2000fpm


  • SurveyMaster SUAS aircraft
  • Integrated brushless gimbal system
  • 22.2 Volt 10,000mAh battery
  • 2.4GHz Digital remote controlled transmitter
  • 500MW 915MHz telemetry link
  • AC charger for battery (DC charger is optional and available upon request)
  • Spare propellers
  • Spare mount for motor
  • 5 nos. camera bay windows
  • USB flash drive with Mission Planner and USB drivers for telemetry
  • Quick start guide

Prior to shipment the aircraft is tuned and tested for a flawless flight performance right out of the box.

SurveyMaster Unmanned Aerial System

If you are on the lookout for an affordable aerial platform that is capable of capturing gorgeous aerial imagery along with geo-referencing, then the SurveyMaster is just the right choice to settle on. With a futuristic design that captures your imagination and state of the art features that get the job done with utmost precision at all times. It offers a staggering 2 hours of flight time that is powered by a high density 22.2 volt 10,000mAh battery. Optional batteries that are light in weight are also available for easy launching while still maintaining a 55 minute flight time. If you want to keep enjoying the flight time for longer periods of time then optional batteries are also available that can power the aircraft for up to 3 hours. In a world full of flight times that hardly lasts for a few minutes, the SurveyMaster exceeds expectations with its long flight times and outstanding performance that is suited to meet the ever rising demands of most UAV users.

With UAVs and camera systems, the need to maintain absolute stillness is a mandatory criteria that has to be met in order to capture the required footage in crisp detail. In order to meet this demand, the SurveyMaster uses a single axis (roll) brushless gimbal system that keeps the camera system intact and devoid of any vibrations that might occur in flight. This one of a kind gimbal system is specifically used in the SurveyMaster to actively control the vibrations that occur during the roll axis deviation. The results are exceptional and provides the way for perfect blur-free aerial imagery and videos every time. It is sturdy enough to tackle some of the most demanding flight condition that it might be subjected to in its lifetime.

With the SurveyMaster you have the option to choose from a wide array of digital cameras to capture the required footage. This aerial platform is highly versatile to accommodate even your own choice of cameras apart from the package provided.


Digital camera systems from Sony are no exception when it comes to capturing gorgeous images. Sony is well known to manufacture some of the best image sensors out there that are capable of capturing high resolution images that are often devoid of any digital noise even in low light situations. The Sony QX1 digital mirrorless camera is a brand new design that is designed for ease of use. It boasts a highly powerful 20.1 megapixel sensor that is capable of capturing vivid and true to life images that exceed the expectations of most professionals out there. The small form factor saves weight while providing high resolution images that can be used for a variety of purposes. This camera system interfaces with the flight controller and performs with a trigger based operation on the distance travelled. The offered package includes a 16mm ultra-wide field of view lens with minimal distortion that can capture stunning aerial imagery.

CANON S100 ($350 Camera)

Camera systems by Canon has always surprised customers with professional results. Their build quality is top notch and the sensors are capable of capturing high resolution images with less amounts of digital noise even in low light situations. The S100 features a 12.1 megapixel sensor along with an embedded GPS sensor. This allows for automatic geo-tagging which would otherwise require additional software to deal with. Another cool feature is that the camera system can be tweaked to run with a modified firmware called CHDK. This firmware allows the user to feast on a wide array of camera functions that are otherwise not possible. The offered package comes along with a 16GB memory card that includes the CHDK firmware and KAP-UAV. Captured images can be copied directly from the camera and can later be used for post processing if required.


The MAP IR camera is the perfect camera solutions that is exclusively used for agricultural purposes. The SurveyMaster can accommodate four of these camera systems making it a versatile aerial platform that gets the job done with ease. This exclusive camera system is able to detect and record the reflected IR light within the vegetation that can later be used to create heat maps that aid in determining plant health. It can also be used to control variable rate application systems. The camera system interfaces with the aircraft’s controller and can perform with ease using a trigger based operation.

CANON S100 (NIR CONVERTED)  ($700 Camera)

The NDVI vegetation stress camera system allows the camera to capture blue, green and near Infra-red light that can be used to monitor the stress levels of vegetation. The health of the vegetation can also be monitored by hand or UAV drone mapping process. The system used custom NDVI filters with high in-band transmission, sharp cutoffs, strong out of band blocking and wide angle of incidence characteristics. The offered S100 NDVI package comes with a 16 GB memory card that has the CHDK and KAP-UAV preinstalled in it. Images can be taken straight out of the camera and can be used for post processing whenever required.

SONY A6000   ($900 Camera)

Boasting a powerful 24 Megapixel sensor, the A6000 mirrorless digital camera system by Sony is the ultimate imagery tool for the most demanding of users. It can be interfaced via its hot shoe with an RTK/PPK system that lets it achieve geotagging precise within a centimeter. The camera system interfaces with the aircrafts controller and be used with a trigger based operation. The offered package comes with a 16mm wide angle lens that lets you capture vast areas of land in a single click with minimal distortion levels.

** Note: This camera system will reduce the SurveyMaster’s flight time to one hour.


This is a versatile imaging system that is exclusively designed to be used for agricultural purposes. The Sequoia’s powerful sensor is packed in a surprisingly small package that exceeds expectations with its flawless performance at all times. The four narrowband filters are optimized for analyzing the crop health and a 16 megapixel RGB sensor is present for easy digital scouting whenever required. The irradiance sensor and the integrated GPS within the same body make is a versatile tool to be used for precision agriculture for the new generation.


This premium package comes with a pre-configured laptop for the SurveyMaster aircraft. It also includes a remote controlled simulator, SUAS Trainer aircraft along with 2 whole days of onsite training at your desired location within the United States. 5 hours of remote (TeamViewer/Phone) support along with 10 email based reviews on your missions are part of the package as well.

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