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Steadidrone MAVRIK X4 Professional UAV

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The drone is preassembled with easy fit propellers and camera. The moment the packing is open, it takes just a few minutes for the drone to fly on its new mission. The MAVERIK pack includes a flight controller; data telemetry front facing brushless gimbal and battery with a battery charger. The instruction manual provides how to start using the drone and you are good to go!

Rapid Deploy

The exclusive rapid deploy designed to get drones in the air in no time and when at rest unfolds into a compact sized device that can be safely fitted into the special aluminium case for easy travel.

Multiple payload support

Unlike many other models our Steadidrone MAVERIK x4 is compatible with any payload combination where the camera or gimbal is the operator’s choice. The maximum weight the drone can handle is 1.5 kg. You can fit in or swap cameras, gimbals, batteries easily to maximum output giving the professional drone pilot the flexibility on capturing aerial image footage.

GPS guidance

Equipped with 3DR Pixhawk GPS flight controller with the world-class GPS features. The ‘Follow me’ mode gets your drone to follow you around covering all your movements! The other very beneficial feature is the ‘Loiter’ option that allows GPS technology to set the altitude and position of your drone while on a flight path. The awesome ‘Return to Home’ mode gets your drone back to where it took off safely without the apprehension of losing it while flying long distance.

Waypoints mission

Commercial drones have to determine a pre planned flight path to get the necessary images uploaded, saving time and money. The waypoint GPS navigation technology allows the pilot to mark the flight path by configuring where the flight will take off and the exact flying destinations. The hovering of the drone at a particular point can also be configured in the software on the controller.

Vibration damping

The Gimbal and the motor mount system are equipped with vibration dampeners for an excellent footage of images and videos capturing precision pictures with a smooth uninterrupted flight.

Precision Imaging

High-performance drones that capture brilliant images that signify instant data collection that is ready for compilations and analyzing. Perfect aerial images help application of geospatial techniques to identify problem areas in the crop field for precision agriculture. Similar detailing can be done for other commercial establishments too.

Surveys and Inspections

The Steadidrone MAVERIK is a great safety inspection tool making aerial surveys and captures images that authenticate the survey. Our drones are a boon to safety managers in construction sites working on enhancing the safety measures of the builders. Again this UAV has the capability of monitoring animal abundance and distribution with the help of image counting using object recognition technique. Surveying calamity hit areas for inspection that help saving lives by the Search and Rescue team.

High-Resolution Mapping data

Impressive aerial photography and satellite images are available at high-resolution that enables in-depth study of smaller objects or the topography of the earth’s surface. The low-flying drones perform with accuracy and capture mapping data from regions where man cannot go or any other mode of mapping is very expensive.

3D Models

Our drone takes precision pictures and images that are converted to 2D maps and 3D models that are further customized working with latest software technology. Constructions of roads and building that need instant decision making on problem areas taking to 3D modeling for presentations.

Multispectral sensors

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles have aerial remote sensing and mapping technology serving a large number of industries with low altitude imaging. Revolutionizing the use of remote sensing in a number of industries, especially in agriculture has enabled drones to fly with the latest in technology. The new perspective of data collection on mapping the health of the crops with UAVs that are cost effective has taken now been taken up by every other industry.


Open (L x W x H) :  502 x 778 x 199 mm
Folded (L x W x H) :  590 x 220 x 105 (X4) 121 (X8) mm
Diagonal length :  821mm
Weight Airframe :  1.3kg
Weight RTF ex Li Po :  2.1kg (X4) 2.8kg (X8)
Weight RTF inc Li Po :  2.88kg (X4) 3.68kg (X8)
Weight Payload :  1.5kg (X4) 2.2kg (X8)
Weight MAX AUW :  4.38kg (X4) 5.88kg (X8)

Physical Specifications

  • Type: Multi Rotary Wong
  • Frame Material: Carbon fiber, ABS Plastic, Aluminium
  • Power Source: 8,000 mAh-4S 40C Li Po Battery
  • Protective flight case: Aluminium Exterior, ZoteFoam(Flame retardant) 900x540x230 mm
  • Propulsion: 4xT-Motor MT 4008 600V with 14x4.8 Carbon Fiber Propellers
  • Hobby Wings 25x4 Quattro ESC

Operational Specifications

  • Flight Time: Up to 24 mins
  • Range: 5km
  • Forward Speed: 18 m/s
  • Operational altitude: 4000m
  • Radio Range: 1500m
  • Radio: 2.4 Ghz
  • Data telemetry radio: 915 Mhz or 433 Mhz
  • Software Compatibility: Windows/MAC/Android

The Red Steadidrone MAVERIK is an amazing UAV that is designed for the future drone market where buyers need upgrades and better features every time. It is Red and raring to go places! Buy your own drone today to keep pace with the revolution of drones!

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