DJI Spreading Wings S1000+ with Zenmuse Z15 A7 Gimbal and A2 Flight Controller


  • DJI Spreading Wings S1000 Premium
  • Zenmuse Z15 A7 Gimbal
  • DJI A2 Flight Controller
  • Ideal set up for a Sony a7 camera



    Bigger is better and the S1000 is no exception when it comes to the size factor. Dominated by its sheer presence it sure delivers a stunning performance as an overall package. The S1000 is specifically designed for aerial photography and videography. It is capable of holding a full sized DSLR or a compact mirror-less camera for stunning aerial footage. Seemingly complicated in its construction but it stands out from the crowd as one of the easiest drones to operate. Thanks to the brilliant auto-pilot system that lets you concentrate on recording the footage while it stabilizes and automates most of the flight controls for a stable footage without any vibrations. It comes with its own carrying case which facilitates for an easy solution to transportation of the drone to any destination of your choice. Powered by 8 powerful rotors, it is sure to give you the buzz once it takes into flight mode. It is a sheer delight to control the S1000 in the air, since it is very nimble and precise in its trajectory. The GPS mode enables you to fly with accurate co-ordinates for that perfect 360 degree shots. The S1000 is compatible with all Zenmuse Z15 camera system that has the 3-axis stabilization units. As said earlier, it can easily accommodate a Canon 5D Mark 3 DSLR cameras or the little units such as GoPro cameras. The gimbal unit sits low to the ground and does not get affected with the retractable landing gear. It offers supreme stabilization that offers you refined movements with the mounted camera gear. It is a boon for professional videographers and photographers who want to capture exclusive aerial footage. Carbon fiber booms are used in the S1000 which makes it lightweight and durable against the elements. Furthermore the foldable arms (booms) fold straight down making it portable enough to be carried in smaller compartments. The 8 colored plastic locks to secure the arms in place are built tough and gives a tight click once it locks the arms in place. Colorful LED light that is mounted on the underside of the ESC (electronic speed control unit) is useful while flying the drone up high in the sky. There are two in the front and the rest are green in color. Battery is powered by a 10000 mAh~20000 mAh lithium polymer battery that is able to provide 15 minutes of flight time with full payload which is quite amazing considering the fact that it is built like a tank that can withstand harsh weather conditions and windy situations with ease. Every other component used in the S1000 is extremely durable and various tests have been done to achieve the best quality and performance unlike any other drone in the market today. The power cords are secured with gold-plated metal bearings with an innovative design in the screw design that does not come loose once the drone is in flight mode.


    Being the best at what you do is imperative to achieve desirable results. The S1000 stands up strong and lets you marvel at the intricate designing that it possesses. To a technical geek this is sheer beauty and to an avid drone user it might look like the inner skeleton of an alien spaceship. Carbon fiber is used on the construction of the 8 arms that make it a robust flyer in any situation. The structural stability and integrity is tighter and compact with the use of carbon fiber. There is no flexing or twitching even under extreme weather conditions. This makes the S1000 unlike any other drone that you might have come across today.  The V type design on the mixer provides a large amount of propulsion. The S1000 can remain stable even if a rotor fails along with the help of the on-board DJI flight controllers. The center frame houses a distribution system for power which uses DJI’s patented co-axial cable connectors. Efficient, reliable and easy to install, these connections do not need soldering.  All of the 8 arms can easily be folded when not in use for easy storage. When you want to fly and capture stunning aerial footage, these arms can be put in just a few minutes. The click-lock system ensures a tight fit and eliminates any type of vibration that might arise otherwise. The landing gear is retractable and tucks in perfectly onto the sides of the drone to give the gimbal system an unprecedented view around. Every other component used in the S1000 is built with passion and intensive research and it never ceases to amaze anyone who lay their eyes on it for the first time.


    The 3-axis gimbal system is mounted in a lower position enabling stunning views that are not obstructed by any other components. This allows for a supreme point of view from the mounted camera system. The wide shooting angle is perfect for aerial photography or videography which is exactly why the S1000 is designed for.


    Advanced camera stabilization is provided for the mounted cameras such as Canon 5D Mark II and Mark III. High levels of stabilization has been made possible with the use of the Zenmuse Z15-5D gimbal system that is specifically designed to be used with these top of the line Full-frame DSLR cameras. Professional videographers and commercial photographers can rejoice with the vivid quality of aerial footage that the S1000 delivers via these cameras. These Full-frame cameras allow for more light in their huge sensors which means that the recorded content oozes with vivid colors and high levels of detail. Potential clients would be more than just happy with the high quality of work that you have provided for them. In other words, the S1000 makes high quality work easier which still remains a challenge with many other drones in the market today.


    The same bracket is used to mount the battery and the 3-axis gimbal system. High quality dampers are used in between the bracket and the frame that effectively reduces the high-frequency vibrations arising within the drone. This innovative design helps the user to achieve clear and sharper images or videos from above.


    The 8 arms are the life support for the S1000 providing enough lift power through its powerful rotors mounted on every end. Made of carbon fiber, these arms can withstand some of the harshest working environments. Carbon fiber is light in weight, yet stronger than steel and does not corrode. It does not flex under high stress levels and provides the adequate support as the drone is rolling and pitching in the skies above. Every frame of the arm has been designed with an 8 degree inversion and a 3 degree inclination angle. This provides for a stable flight at all times by providing the required flex that is required.


    The S1000 uses a retractable landing gear system that helps give the mounted camera system an unprecedented 360 degree view without any obstructions. This gear comes with pre-installed servos that have their limits already set in for the right levels. The landing gear however is very simple to mount on to the main unit by just plugging it in their respective slots.


    Design without function is ineffective. Without a powerful propulsion system the S1000 would not be a valid competitor in the challenging markets today. Each arm houses a 40A Electronic Speed Controller (ESC). This is one of the fastest units available today. The 4114 professional grade motors along with its 1552 folding propellers and the V-type mixer design gives it a maximum thrust power of 2.5 kg. This is enough to lift the S1000 into the skies with ease and helps it to perform flawlessly once it is in flight mode. The propulsion systems have been rigorously tested and it has certainly passes even a 72 hour non-stop flight test that was performed with an external power source. It just goes to prove that the S1000 is built to last and can tackle some of the toughest flying situations with a professional savvy.


    The A2 controller is the newest kid on the block. It is designed in the most beautiful way possible with utmost precision and perfection. It is a sophisticated device that seamlessly integrates with the S1000 drone to perform easy flight maneuvering capabilities in the skies above. The XT60 connectors are hardwired into the S1000 already, one below and two on top.

    DJI S1000 BATTERY:

    The S1000 uses 6S Lithium Polymer batteries that have a mAh rating of 10000 mAh to 20000 mAh. With a take of weight around 6 to 11 kg and when powered by a 15000 mAh battery, the flight time is around 15 minutes which is quite a staggering feat.


    The S1000 is definitely not a toy for everyone. The build quality is exceptional and the sheer size and weight of this drone makes it as the perfect camera platform to record gorgeous aerial footage from above. The various parts of the S1000 are easy to fix with just a few steps. It is easily portable to any destination of your choice since it can easily be detached and re-assembled within a few minutes. Every other component used in the construction of the S1000 is of A+ grade which makes it a high value drone. The aluminum and carbon fiber components are beautifully crafted and finished with a perfect fit without any gaps. Furthermore, the S1000 comes in a cool looking, functional and rigid box with almost 90% of the assembly completed. This makes it easier to set the drone up for its first flight and enjoy the sheer power of this gorgeous drone. The bright LED lights give it a dazzling view in the night skies and the functional LED strobes are there to let you know which mode the S1000 is programmed to. With state of the art features, a robust build quality, top notch components and a 3-axis low mount gimbal system, the S1000 is certainly the best aerial platform available in the market today for any professional videographer or photographer who is gearing up to fly to the next level in his life with stunning accomplishments.


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