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Urban Drones


Splash Drone Waterproof AUTO ORANGE


  • Ready to Fly Splash Drone AUTO
  • Waterproof Gimbal system with GoPro casing
  • Payload Release mechanism
  • 4 Carbon fiber propellers
  • 2.4 GHz 8 Channel Remote controller
  • 7 inch monitor – 5.8 GHz Diversity
  • Battery for flight
  • Charger for the battery
  • Internal 5.8 GHz video transmitter
  • Aluminum travel case

To read more about the Urban Drone -  Waterproof Splash drone, click here for a full review.


    Aerial drones have continued to captivate our senses and fueled our imagination for a long time. It is quite common to see a beautiful drone soaring through the skies, but it is definitely a unique sight to behold when it soars through the water in all its glory. The Splash drone has been designed to be a fully waterproof aerial drone which also includes a payload release system. The Splash drone features a simple design, yet very effective in terms of waterproofing the essential components within.


    The Splash drone features a hard injected molded ABS body construction which gives it that durable edge over tackling some of the worst operational conditions. Meticulous construction ensures a complete waterproofing system that enables the splash drone to land and float on water. The gimbal system has been given the much required upgrade of being waterproof as well. Durability levels are higher with the new design and even under the constant pressure of water, it performs with grace and finesse. The carbon fiber propellers feature a self-tightening mechanism that helps it remain intact in operation. The electronic speed controllers are seamlessly integrated within the main frame and provide the best performance of its powerful motors in the most demanding of situations. There is a transparent yet waterproof cover that reveals the distribution board and its internal components such as the smart auto-pilot and GPS systems, like an expensive car flaunting its high performance internal component.. Rainy days are more than welcome with the Splash drone which can be used to capture some of the best aerial footage in wet conditions.

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