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    UPDATE (Oct 23, 2016)  -  Space City Drones has decided to stop selling and supporting the Smart Drone products until further notice. We are waiting customer support issues to be resolved prior to selling any more of their drones. 

    Update (Dec 6, 2016) -  Space City Drones will no longer sell, promote or support the SMD Mirage drone or any other drone created by the Smart Drone company.  This year, we did have a couple customers purchase this drones based on what the company promised to provide, but I can tell you from my experience and working with our customers, that the Mirage has a 100% failure rate.  Every customer that has purchased an SMD Mirage drone through us, were never able to get the drone to fly.  Their documentation, manuals and videos are all poorly made and written in bad english, but what makes the situation worse, is the fact that there is no customer support. Working with the account reps at Smart Drone has been a nightmare, and have yet been able or willing to backup and truly support their customer base. 

    WARNING!! If you are seriously considering buying the SMD Mirage drone, here is an email sent from one of our customers to my Smart Drone rep.

    I am very disappointed that I have heard from you about return my money for the drone I bought.  As I had said i was going write about this experience and put on face book. 

    My Time with the SMD Mirage Drone. 
    As soon as GDU was unable to get a solid delivery date and kept postponing the dates they did give I turned to another drone.  This one was the SMD Mirage drone and I found a distributor in Utah.  Jason Pedersen is the owner and is a really good person who keeps his word.  The reason I went with the Mirage is because it had a 5x zoom lens and had a flight time of 30 mins.  First time I used the drone I lost control and slammed into a tree.The drone would not respond to the controls.  Was it pilot error or control error? I still don't know but after 60 emails back and forth with China I got a new drone.
    I tried to fly the new drone and it flipped over immediately after I first launched it. Tried again and again and it flipped over every time.  Finally got it up and the drone just took off'  I put the drone away and got in touch with the drone company to try and get my money back.  Well its been one thing after another.  They keep stalling and now they are trying to send a third drone Model two.  Is it somewhat my fault? Yes,  I did not do enough research on the drone.  There are no repair facilities in the USA.  What was I thinking?  I will continue this blog with more specifics in a latter post 
    With the ever increasing demand for Professional drones, manufacturers from various countries are pushing the boundaries in terms of technology. Availability of more powerful and advanced drones is now possible even to an average consumer. Lightweight materials are used in the construction of these drones which offer easy mobility in flight and tackle even the toughest of environmental conditions. The views from above are enticing to our eyes and with the latest advancements in sensor technology, images and videos ooze out with vivid colors, sharpness and details. With safety in mind, the Mirage uses Smart Ultrasonic sensor technology that detects obstacles in front of the drone and provides information to the main controller to veer away from it. This unique feature helps to enable a safer flight and contributes to the overall stability of the drone in tight spaces. The built-in high capacity battery offers competitive flight times and with the optional high voltage battery, you can keep it flying for even longer durations as required. Mirage steps in as the first camera to have 5x Optical zoom capability . This is helpful for the armed forces or the police to zoom in on targets or to get key information such as numbers from a license plate. The 3-axis gimbal keeps it rock steady amidst challenging weather conditions and provides a stable footage that is devoid of any vibrations and camera shakes. Control your Mirage drone with its unique radio controller that is capable of controlling the flight movements up to 1000 meters. The precise control sticks are easy to use and help you make minor adjustments to the camera as well as the flight path of the drone itself. The user friendly mobile application and the waypoint navigation are further options to control the Mirage with unprecedented access.
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