RED Raven Brain with Media Bay / Canon Mount

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RED RAVEN™ delivers the creative flexibility and cinematic image quality that has come to be synonymous with RED®. RED RAVEN is an unprecedented 4.5K digital camera, ideal for the passionate and professional alike. Capable of capturing high resolution motion and stills in 4.5K Full Frame at up to 120 frames per second (fps)—or 2K Full Frame at up to 240 fps—RED RAVEN harnesses the raw power of the REDDRAGON®

Designed and engineered around RED’s unwavering commitment to image quality and modularity—REDRAVEN is a full-fledged professional camera that will grow with you. As one of the smallest and most lightweight RED cameras yet, RED RAVEN is uniquely suited for hand-held shooting.

Take advantage of the renowned color science and unmatched dynamic range of the RED DRAGON sensor. And with the ability to record in REDCODE RAW (R3D) and Apple ProRes, simultaneously, RED RAVENsupports a wide range of trusted workflow options. And coming in mid-2016, RED DSMC² cameras will provide support for Avid recording formats. Support for Avid will be made available through a free camera firmware update. Fully backed by an ecosystem of DSMC2™ Modules and the momentum of a thriving worldwide community of RED shooters, RED RAVEN ushers in a new age of creativity and accessibility.

The RED RAVEN BRAIN® is constructed of robust, lightweight aluminum and—like WEAPON —provides intelligent mounting points for cable-free peripheral attachment. RED RAVEN’s compact form factor also integrates a Canon EF Mount and media bay, supporting blazing fast RED Mini-Mag SSDs.

NOTEAn expander module or the DSMC2 REDVOLT® XL Module is required to power the BRAIN.

NOTEOnly one (1) expander module can be used at a time.


RED RAVEN brings RED sensor technology to aspiring shooters everywhere. Capturing images using a 4.5K RED DRAGON® sensor, RED RAVEN reinforces RED’s commitment to its core principles. RED was founded on the belief that cinema-quality creative tools shouldn’t be in the hands of a few—it should truly be 4K for all.


Harnessing the revolutionary RED DRAGON sensor, shooters are able to get the perfect shot every time. Capable of capturing footage with REDCODE® RAW in 4.5K at 120 fps or in 2K at 240 fps, RED RAVEN is built to shoot exceptionally high-speed, high resolution content. Boasting RED’s incredible dynamic range, ultra-clean detail, and renowned color science—RED RAVEN gives you best-in-class image quality.


RED RAVEN provides options tailored to your preferred workflow. RED's innovative recording format, REDCODE RAW (R3D), enables shooters to maintain visual integrity throughout post production with non-destructive editing capabilities. Compatible with most professional-grade editing programs, REDCODE RAW easily adapts to your preferred system. Shooters can further their flexibility with simultaneous capture options in both R3D and Apple ProRes 422, 422 LT, or 422 HQ. Support for Avid recording formats will be made available in mid-2016, bringing yet another powerful and intuitive workflow option to professionals shooting on RED RAVEN.


RED RAVEN boasts the full capabilities of the RED DRAGON sensor family in our smallest form factor to date. Weighing in at just 3.5 lbs, RED RAVEN gives you the ultimate blend of flexibility and performance. Whether shooting for documentaries, online content creation, indie filmmaking, or with drones and gimbals—RED RAVEN’s durable, lightweight construction is ideal for any situation.


SENSOR 9.9 Megapixel RED DRAGON®
PIXEL ARRAY 4608 (h) x 2160 (v)
DYNAMIC RANGE 16.5+ stops
RECORDING FRAME RATES 4.5K (4608 x 2160) up to 120 fps
2K (2048 x 1080) up to 240 fps
TYPICAL MAX RECORDING TIME USING RED MINI-MAG 120GB 4.5K (4608 x 2160) and 24 fps at 11:1 REDCODE: 52 minutes
2K (2048 x 1080) and 24 fps at 11:1 REDCODE: 254 minutes
2K (2048 x 1080) and 24 fps with Apple ProRes 422: 110 minutes
APPLE PRORES Apple ProRes 422, 422 HQ, 422 LT at up to 2K (2048 x 1080) and up to 60 fps
VIDEO EDITING SOFTWARE COMPATIBILITY Adobe® Premier® Pro, Avid® Media Composer®, DaVinci Resolve®, Edius Pro®, Final Cut Pro®, Vegas Pro®, and RED's free REDCINE-X PRO®
WEIGHT 3.5 lbs (BRAIN with Media Bay and Canon Lens Mount)


RED RAVEN makes it even easier for passionate shooters to join the RED ecosystem—and truly experience quality without compromise. All RED RAVEN accessories are compatible with WEAPON®, allowing your tools to evolve with your shooting needs.


RED RAVEN, with an integrated Canon EF Mount and media bay, has package options that include everything you need from the moment you open the box. Even if you’re new to RED, you can immediately jump in the trenches and shoot with confidence.


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