PolarPro Phantom 4 Filters Cinema Series Shutter Collection (3-Pack)

PolarPro Phantom 4 Filters Cinema Series Shutter Collection (3-Pack)


The new Polar Pro Phantom 4 ND pack of 3 filters released by the leading manufacturers of DJI Phantom series drones is a part of  its new Cinema Series line. As in line with any prosumer’s expectations, the Cinema Series offers pilots, filters made of highest grade glass and best-in-class coatings available in the market. This sophisticated device performs great irrespective of climatic condition allowing pilots to make a clear filming in both bright sun light as well as low light conditions.  The SHUTTER Collection for the DJI Phantom 4 includes rotatable ND4/PL, ND8/PL, and ND16/PL filters. It is a perfect solution for camera shutter speed reduction, that in turn gives a smooth cinematic look to the arial videos.

Camera Filter Product Description:

Manufactured with the PolarPro`s Air Frame design, the new PolarPro Phantom 4 ND filters uplifts your photos and videos. Airframe designs make each filter smoother for gimbal operation and ultra-light. It is made with a different glass compound, which makes the Cinema series different and better in capturing images and videos. Multi-Coated filters ensure precise optics and removes lens flaring. It gives minimal glaring and has highlight transmission which makes the viewing experience better for the pilot. The Cinema series shutter collection has a lifetime warranty and guarantees a smooth use throughout.

ND Filter Features:

  • Absolutely precise in construction for DJI Phantom 4 Camera
  • Aircraft grade aluminum frame is lightweight aiding in smooth Gimbal operation
  • Razor sharp clarity
  • Ultra high definition gives maximum sharpness
  • Best suited for pristine optics
  • Unique anodized color frame
  • Limited Lifetime warranty

Included Filters Phantom 4:

ND4/PL Filter: For a clear filming on cloudy days ND4/ PL filter is the best choice. It is best suited for usage at dusk or dawn where there is poor visibility. It functions by reducing the camera shutter speed by upto 2 f-stops. Light passing through the filter is polarized to ensure share images and videos. Weighing in at just 5.67 grams, the filter has no effect on the drone’s flight.

ND8/PL Filter: This filter is best suitable for partly cloudy days when the light is not too bright or too low. It has an inbuilt polarizer that diminishes the glare and improves the color saturation. Maximum image and video optimization is achieved by reducing camera shutter speed by 3 f-stops. It is a light-weight filter weighing in at 5.6 grams.

ND16/PL Filter: For a crisp and cinematic capture in sunny days ND16/PL Filter is the perfect choice. It helps capture bright colors with excellent depth. Light falling on the camera lens is polarized with reduction in shutter speed upto 4 f-stops, resulting in sharp and crisp images. The aircraft grade aluminum, light-weight construction weighs in at just 5.6 grams.


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