PolarPro Phantom 4 Filters (3-Pack)

PolarPro Phantom 4 Filters (3-Pack)

The Polar Pro DJI Phantom 4 Filter Pack offers the necessary filters that maximize the quality of the aerial imagery. It is a perfect solution for the camera shutter speed reduction that in turn gives a smooth cinematic look to the aerial images and videos. Capture cinematic photos and videos by using this starter filter set.  The new ultra high definition glass allows you to capture epic cinema quality content in any lighting condition. One can now uplift the images as these filters are designed specifically for a Phantom 4 camera. The VIVID Collection for the DJI Phantom 4 includes rotatable CP, ND4/PL and ND8/PL filters coming with a lifetime warranty.

Product Description:

Manufactured with the PolarPro`s Air Frame design, the new PolarPro’s Phantom 4ND filters enhances the overall quality of your photos and videos. The ultra-light design is geared specifically for smooth and safe gimbal operation. The stock UV filter on the Phantom 4 camera is replaced by Polar Pro Phantom 4 filters, thus 3 grams is removed before installation. Even after adding the heaviest filter, there is a net addition of only 3.6 grams to the gimbal. Each filter has a precision for threaded aluminum frame which smoothly installs on the camera lens. These filters are a perfect fit to be used with the Phantom 4 camera and are slightly longer than Polar pro 3 filters.


  • Absolutely precise in construction for DJI Phantom 4 Camera
  • Aircraft grade aluminum frame is lightweight aiding in smooth Gimbal operation
  • Razor sharp clarity
  • Ultra high definition gives maximum sharpness
  • Best suited for pristine optics
  • Unique anodized color frame
  • Limited Lifetime warranty

Included Filters:

Circular Polarizer Filter: Light passing through the filter is polarized to enhance aerial images and videos.  The removed reflecting light allows the Phantom 3 to improve contrast and capture amazing saturated colors. It reduces the amount of light reflecting to the ground, sky or water. The filter does not affect the drone’s flight since it weighs only 4.6 grams.

2 stop neutral density Filter: This is the most commonly used of the two ND filter. This filter is best suitable for partly cloudy days when the light is not too bright or too low. It has a built-in polarizer that diminishes the glare and improves the color saturation when shooting in the sun. The images and videos are optimized naturally by reducing camera shutter speed by 2 f-stops.

3 stop Neutral Density Filter: Light passing through the filter is polarized with reduction in shutter speed up to 4 f-stops that are enough to blur the propellers when they are in the frame. It is the darkest shade and is excellent to be used in very bright days. The low 4 grams weight is achieved by using air-craft grade aluminum.


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