Parrot Bebop 2 FPV Kit Includes R/C + FPV Goggles


FPV Kit Includes R/C + FPV Goggles

The Parrot Bebop 2 is the successor of the bebop series from Parrot. It retains the same look on the outside but features a host of improved features that is sure to excite you in your first drone adventure. It has evolved into the best starter drone for drone enthusiasts. The sleek form factor and weighing in at just 500 grams it is an easy drone to carry along on long trips. As with every Parrot drone, the Bebop 2 is beautifully crafted with elegant contours that give it a streamlined appearance. This little drone is easy to control and has an excellent battery life. It is powered by four propellers that are aligned to the sides of the craft, thus enabling a wider angle of vision from its fish eye lens camera.


The Parrot bebop 2 is a brilliant little drone that features a unique design that is not only light in weight but also robust in its construction. The build quality is top notch and features a smooth finish all over. The sleek contours all around the body aids in its aerodynamics and enables better flight maneuvering capabilities. The battery pack slide-locks into the main body of the craft and additional Velcro strips are also provided to fasten it tighter for better protection. The camera with its 170 degree fisheye view lens is placed all the way in the front. This means that the view is unobstructed and the Bebop 2 can see almost everything in the far right, left, above and below of the aircraft. Technically, the camera and other essential electronics are housed in a separate compartment within the main body of the Bebop 2. This compartment is further cushioned with rubber spheres that absorb even the slightest of vibration while it is in flight mode. This is an effective vibration reduction system that is made obvious with a stable aerial footage.


The Bebop 2 gets twice the battery power of its predecessor. The range has been increased up to 1.24 miles with the extra oomph with the powerful battery. The 2700mAh Li-Polymer battery can easily be removed and slide locked into place on the main body. The lock mechanism has been improved for rigidity and additional Velcro strips are also provided that can be looped around the battery compartment to further tighten the fix onto the main frame. The extra battery power enables one to enjoy the flight time of up to 25 minutes in stable flying conditions. The charging time is around an hour with the included battery charger which lets you enjoy flight times with minimal intervals.


The Full High definition 14 megapixel CMOS camera is vastly improved in the Bebop 2. Aerial footage is captured in 1080p @ 30fps with good color reproduction and smooth movement without any vibrations.
Stabilization is provide using a state of the art digital mechanism that counteracts the recorded video for any vibrations that might occur while recording. The fisheye lens used in the camera has a 170 degree field of view that provides a broad spectrum of vision in the front without any obstruction. 14 megapixel still photographs can also be taken using the same camera. Images are finely detailed with true color reproduction resulting in a more natural view from above.


An elegant craft needs an elegant controller and that is exactly what the Bebop 2 comes with. The Skycontroller features an elegant design with no sharp edges on all sides. The dual joysticks along with its 8 shortcut buttons are ultra-responsive for precise flight movements. Dedicated buttons for recording and return to home are placed in the front with icons that represent their functions. This new controller also features an optimized Wi-Fi connection with the Parrot Bebop 2 drone which can allow live video feedback from the main camera. Since the controller is lightweight and compact, it can easily be carried around and operated with ease.


Rediscover the sheer pleasure of flying a drone with the FPV kit that comes included in this FPV package. The FreeFlight Pro application enables the user to enjoy High definition videos via the broad 90 degree field of view vision. This lets the user immerse themselves into their own world of viewing pleasure. Featuring a futuristic design, the FPV Cockpit glasses are comfortable to wear at all times, even while wearing normal glasses.


The Freeflight application can be installed on any smart device that lets you control the Bebop 2 anywhere you want. The interface is simple and all of the routes, videos and photographs are stored for easy access. You can also share them directly on social websites and enjoy it with your friends and family.  

The Parrot Bebop 2 drone is a simple and easy to fly drone that can easily be taken along with you on your journeys. The additional FPV kit along with FPV cockpit glasses provide a visual experience like no other drone in this category.


  • 1 Bebop 2 drone
  • 1 High-capacity battery
  • 1 Charger
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 Parrot Skycontroller 2
  • 1 Smartphone and tablet mount
  • 1 Parrot FPV Cockpitglasses


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