Parrot Bebop

Parrot Bebop Highlights

  • 2 joysticks for intuitive RC piloting
  • Dock station for tablets & smartphones
  • 14mp Full HD 1080p fisheye camera & outstanding 3-axes image stabilization
  • Records videos & pictures in a 180° field with remarkable image quality
  • Built-in GPS for automatic return home & high altitude flight control
  • Piloted with Freeflight 3, an ultra-intuitive free application available on iOS™ Android™ & Windows® 8.1


Parrot Bebop Drone

Skycontroller brings a hobby-grade remote with a powerful Wi-Fi range extender, a Smartphone or tablet dock and HDMI video output for easy FPV glass pairing!
Increases BeBop's range up to 2km with Wi-Fi Extender

Bebop Interface

• Built-in GPS
• Mouse (FPV navigation)
• High precision joystick left
• Back (FPV navigation)
• Home (FPV navigation)
• Record Full HD video
• Record & Wi-Fi® signal
• HP audio
• Batteries levels (Bebop Drone & Skycontroller)
• Emergency button
• Take off / Landing
• GPS auto return home
• High precision joystick right
• Take a picture (push) & Digital tilt control of the camera
• Steerable, high power, dual band 2.4 & 5GHz Wi-Fi® MIMO antenna, max range: 2km
• Adjustable dock for smartphones and tablets up to 10.6” (not included)

A true piloting experience

• Dock and connect your smartphone or tablet, and sync with your Bebop Drone over Wi-Fi on FreeFlight 3 app. Or use Skycontroller as a standalone remote control.
• High precision joysticks & pads
• Take control of the drone via two ultra-precise joysticks
• Top right stick lets you control the angle the camera in a 180° field
• Top left stick enables you to navigate the app in FPV mode

Range extender

Skycontroller benefits from a doubled WiFi connection. Optimized for a perfect connection and latency reduction, Skycontroller is safer and adapted for long distance flights.
You enjoy a robust Wi-Fi link specially designed for Bebop, hence long distance as well as a short distance Wi-Fi connection that maximizes interoperability with tablet or smartphone.
Bebop Drone's range is extended to 2 km* as a result!

State of the art GPS functions

During flight, user gets real time data, a great help for a more accurate piloting. These never seen before flight data are crucial to make most of the quality of the image of Bebop Drone, thanks to its 3-axes unique stabilization.
User not only gets sound alerts, the piloting HUD that also displays all relevant information makes it easier to pilot Bebop Drone. They include: Where is my Bebop Drone, at which distance it is located and at which altitude it is flying, horizon management.

Return Home

Thanks to its embedded GPS, Bebop Drone comes back to the pilot automatically or upon push on a dedicated and easily accessible button. GPS enables to locate your Bebop Drone even more precisely. You can focus on flying.


  • Built-in GPS antenna


  • HDMI extension (For FPV devices)
  • USB: several usage (sensors)
  • Micro USB: Update
  • MCX: Coaxial RF connectors
  • Wi-Fi and transmissions
  • Short range: Access point network to connect easily to any Smartphone

Long range

  • Video streaming range up to 2km in open-field conditions
  • 2,4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi 802.11n up to 36dBm
  • 2 high-gain MIMO bi-band antennas
  • Channels: 11 to 13 2.4GHz / 4 to 8 with 5Ghz


  • Same removable battery than Parrot Bebop Drone
  • 1200mAh / 20C 3 cells Li-Po Battery
  • Autonomy: 150min
  • Charging time: between 60min/90min

Hardware and Software

  • Parrot P7 processor – Android 4.2.1
  • Linux – Cortex A9 with 800MHz


  • 14'' x 9'' x 7.5''


  • 1550g, sunshade cover included

Pack content

(1) Parrot SkyController
(1) Parrot BeBop Drone
(3) Batteries
(1) Charger with US/ JP / UK / EU / ANZ plugs
(1) Micro USB Cable
(2) Indoor hulls
(4) Additional propellers
(1) 1 Propellers mounting tool
(1) Neck strap
(1) Sun shade cover (With adapter for iPad Mini)
(1) Dock adapter for tablet 7’’
(1) Quick start guide



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