Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Replacement Charger


If you own an AR.Drone 2.0, you know how fun they can be. If you do not, stop reading and go buy one HERE!. Anyway, the worst part about flying this drone is if you have a spare battery, you still have to wait because you only have one charger. To stop this from happening, do yourself a favor and buy a spare charger. You will get twice the flying in half the charging time. AR.Drone batteries should always be recharged with the official Parrot AR.Drone charger to prevent any battery damage.

•Designed for use with the AR.Drone 2.0
•Maintains the optimum voltage level for maximum flight duration & long life

• (1) power supply with a 13.5V/0.9A output
• (1) balancing Li-Po charger to precisely manage each of the 3 cells separately with up to 1A current
• (4) power plug adapters for the US, UK, EU, Australia, New Zealand & Japan



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