Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Elite Edition (SNOW)


You have probably already seen high tech drones flying around or online with complicated controllers and buttons galore! Those systems can cost thousands of dollars and if you are not looking to fly professionally, you have no reason to spend that much money. Most drones only do 8 moves, UP / DOWN / LEFT / RIGHT / FORWARD / BACKWARD / SPIN LEFT / SPIN RIGHT. So why do you need a fancy controller to just have some fun? USE YOUR IOS DEVICE TO FLY!!

These brand new to the market Parrot AR Drones are an amazing way to fly your very own aerial drone from your iPad®/iPhone®/iPod® or Android™ 2.2 & up. The electronics that you have already purchased already control this drone. Download the AR.FreeFlight App and your ready to FLY!

• Records pictures, NAV data & videos & uploads them instantly from the app
• 720p/30fps/H264 encoding base profile
• Low-latency streaming
• Video storage on the fly with remote device or with USB flash drive
• JPEG photo capture
• Director mode—easily programs AR.Drone 2.0 automatic flights to record shots
• Flight recorder GPS improves stabilization & allows users to view their flights in 3D

• (1) AR.Drone 2.0
• (1) Indoor hull
• (1) Outdoor hull
• (1) Charger
• (1) 1,000mAh battery

AR.FreeFlight HERE



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