OX FPV i-Quad3 Frame


  • Durable 4mm Thick Carbon Fiber Arms
  • Smooth Top Plate with Matte Finish
  • Includes Printed TPU Camera
  • Individually Detachable Arms

  • Product Description

    Our latest frame from Ox FPV is the i-Quad3. The i-Quad3 is a 140mm unibody frame made from 4mm carbon fiber, to accomodate 3" props.

    The top plate is 2mm carbon fiber. The frame with all the hardware weighs in at 39 grams. Included in the price is the Micro camera mounts printed in TPU.

    The arms are 8mm wide, spread in a squished H design.

    The main body will accomodate a 20 x 20 stack. All the bolts on the bottom side of the frame are recesssed into the carbon fiber, allowing the battery to fit flush with the bottom of the frame.

    The arms will accomodate 1407 and 1306 motors.


    1. Frame: 140mm H Style X
    2. Frame: 3K 4mm Twill Carbon Fiber
    3. Top Plate: 3K 2mm Carbon Fiber
    4. Standoff: 25mm
    5. Camera Mount: TPU Micro Camera
    6. Use: Freestyle or Racing
    7. Made in America


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