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Matrice 100

Drone Features:

  • Complete flight platform
  • Fully programmable using the DJI SDK
  • Long, extendable flight time, up to 40 minutes
  • Duel battery support
  • Guidance support
  • Powerful Propulsion System

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The Matrice 100 is an exceptional aerial platform from DJI that is ranked as one of the technologically advanced quadcopters available in the market today. It has been designed with one aspect in mind and that is customization. Every part of the Matrice 100 has been designed to provide utmost reliability and performance. DJI has been known for their uniqueness with aerial drones and the Matrice 100 is no exception. It is definitely not a Christmas gift for your kids but to drone enthusiasts, this is the ultimate aerial platform which provides a perfect source for hacking it with various tools and components.


The additional bays present in the Matrice 100 allows the user to add various components and offers a complete customization of the payload. This unique feature lets you fly the Matrice 100 with any devices of your choice that suits your requirements and shooting situations. Some of the various components include high zoom 4K cameras, sensors, computing boards and tools for communication. The drone pilot can then fly it along the desired waypoints to get the relevant data that is designated for the job. This also provides for the completion of elaborate tasks with ease.

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