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Mars Parachutes


Mars Phantom 3 Lite + Mayday


  • Fly & Forget Technology with Mayday Auto Deployment
  • Ultra Rapid Parachute Deployment via the MINI V2
  • Incredibly Easy to Install and Setup
  • Massive Levels of Safety & Security
  • Designed Specifically for the DJI Phantom 3 Series

(1) MARS P3 Lite System
(1) Mayday Auto Deployment System

9V Input Power / 2S 7.4V LiPo Ready

DJI Phantom 3 – Standard / Advanced / 4K / Professional


Why wait for a crash? Take safety and functionality to an entirely new height with the ultimate recovery system available today, sparing you money and sanity in one easy step.
Simple and massively effective, the team at MARS has combined two cutting edge systems to protect your investment above while protecting people below. By combining ballistic parachute technology with onboard flight sensor deployment, this MARS combo is ready and waiting to save the day – deploying independently and automatically in the event of failure.
Augmented by ultra rapid parachute deployment via the MARS MINI V2, the Mayday system is the perfect companion that takes the pilot out of the loop, allowing instantaneous parachute deployment when a failure takes place. This rapid response technology allows the pilot to expand the flight envelope without worry of failure, providing the perfect fusion of safety & functionality with every flight you take.
The beauty of this system is the synergy of the MINI V2 parachute system that is perfectly paired with the Mayday Auto Deployment System. Installed in minutes and requiring a simple 9V power input, this is a true “fly and forget” system that is ready and waiting when needed the most.
Don’t risk a crash you cannot control. With this powerful system, your Phantom 3 can take to the skies with a new level of sophistication and redundancy – providing you with the confidence and focus every flight deserves.

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