Mars Mini Quick Release

This is an awesome quick release setup for your Mars Mini parachute. This allows you to not have to completely undo your bracket system with the mars parachute, but be able to quickly attach and detach the system from your drone. This saves tons of time if you are going to location to location shooting video, you don’t spend 10+ minutes attaching and detaching the unit. If you own the Mars Mini parachute, do yourself a favor and get the quick release.

Before buying please make sure these following requirements will be met.
Max prop size 8.5 inches
      -(stock phantom 1 props 8")
      -(stock phantom 2 props 9.4")
Camera pitch lever on stock radio or aftermarket radio system with spare channel for parachute.
To use camera tilt and parachute system you need to purchase an aftermarket radio with 8 or more channels.

Instructions for using stock Phantom radio
Install tilt lever (not included) on the stock radio
Open Naza assistance and go to advance section
Click on gimbal settings, turn gimbal switch on
Turn f2 (pitch) gain down to 0
Remove bolts to remove the Phantom cover
Plug Mars mini into f2 output on Naza flight control
Make sure servo does not move when phantom is tilted forward and backward
Remove horn from the servo and set tilt lever to one side, Mount the servo in the center.
Test tilt lever to make sure it clears the door and will release parachute.
To manually control the parachute and shut the motors off the phantom cut of type will need to be set to "immediately."

(4) 3mm nuts
(1) 3x10mm BH
(6)3x12mm BH
(1) Mounting Plate
(4) 3x10mm CS bolt
(1) Base
(1) Retainer



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