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JXD 392 Spare Battery

Do you own the JXD 392 and have been enjoying flying it only to be disappointed around 10 minutes in when the battery dies? Now you have to wait another 45 minutes just to get back up in the air? That is  RIDICULOUS!! Battery technology has come a long way but the juice that sustains these drones does not last for hours. The best way to counter this is to have multiple batteries to be able to pop out the old and replace with a new.

These batteries are not expensive and the benefit of having spare batteries to swap out when your friends have to wait for a recharge is invaluable. If you own the nano JXD 392 and hate waiting for the recharge, stock up on these upgraded lipo batteries  NOW!!

• 380mAh Lipo Battery
• High Quality and rechargeable
• Lightweight and practical
• Fast charge and discharge rate

 Fuel Source: Electric
•  Battery Capacity: 380mAh
•  Voltage: 3.7V
•  Configuration: 1S
 Discharge Rate: 25C
•  Weight: 10g



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