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JIMU Mythical Animal Kit (High Edition)

JIMU Mythical Animal Kit (High Edition) by Ubtech

Apart from humanoid robots that are great companions and can carry out small tasks brilliantly, we have the JIMU Robot, an interactive kit from the house of Ubtech pieces that lets you experiment and bring out your creative side by designing and creating your own robot. The JIMU robot can be programmed the way you want it by using an application that can be downloaded. The JIMU robot comes with 675 parts and 16 actuators. You can use your imagination and create 10 different types of robots. You can try creating a mammoth, a dinosaur, T-Rex, elephant, giraffe and more.

JIMU robot gives you a chance to experiment and learn. You can also test your programming skills and know how creative you can be when it comes to designing and creating using blocks. While it is great fun, the JIMU robot is very educational as well and helps you learn new skills and demonstrate them during a get together or a party. The powerful built-in servo motors help you maneuver the robot with incredibly dexterous and flexible movements. You can download the free Robot app using your Bluetooth onto your Smartphone, tablet or any other hand held device.

The mythical JIMU robot that comes with a pack of 16 robotic servos also features a main control board and other decorative parts that let you construct your robot at leisure. You can program it and activate it using your smartphone. It also supports external servos and other decorative parts that can be used, with no limits on creativity. It is compatible with all JIMU parts and accessories and is upgradable as well. You will find it very easy to build as it is based on a snap-in design that is incredibly easy to use. 

The JIMU Robot comes with built in sensors and servo motors that are equipped with advanced PID algorithm that enables superior and high precision programming that can be used to program the robot and precisely control its every single movement. This application can be downloaded either from the App Store or from Google Play. Once you have downloaded the app you can go ahead program the JIMU robot and use predefined modules or go for creating your own movements, for which you will have to activate RPP mode. This is a function that will automatically record the movements initiated by you and play them for you on request at any time you wish.


JIMU Mythical Animal Kit Specifications

Interlocking Parts:   675

Servo Motors:          16

Control Box:            1                                       

Power Adapter:      1

Lithium Battery:      1

Material:                   PC plastic

Supply Voltage:        DC6 8V-DC9, 6V (Typical rating 7.4V)

Operating Current:  1A-2A

Battery Capacity:      1200mAh

Connectivity:             Bluetooth 3.0/4.0 BLE+EDR

Servo Specs:               Torque Output – 4kg, cm Speed: 0.1s/60°"

Operating Temperature: -5° to 60° C

Compatible System:       Supports Android 4.0 version and later

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