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Autonomous Aeronautics


Harbormaster Unmanned Marine System


  • 2 Meter HarborMaster Unmanned Marine boat
  • Highly reliable and a powerful 25kg Thrust motor
  • 60ah 12.8 volt Lithium Iron Phosphate battery
  • Remote control transmitter
  • Telemetry link
  • AC charger for the battery (DC charger is also available upon request)
  • USB flash drive with Mission planner and USB drivers for Telemetry
  • Quick Start Guide

Professional customer service is available for every customer who can help them in every step of the way. Whether it is mission planning, reviewing or for any custom solutions according to demanding work environments, they are always willing to help and get the issue sorted out. Customers can relax and be sure of their safe investment with the Harbormaster unmanned marine system.

The HarborMaster is probably the best looking unmanned marine systems available in the market today. Featuring an aggressive bow, high free-board and a flat bottom, this is the ultimate performer when it comes to the wave penetrating abilities. It is 2.0 meters in length and has a large internal volume that is capable of housing a 12hah Group 29D Lead Acid battery. The Harbormaster is probably one of the most aggressive looking unmanned marine systems available in the market today. Though it features a simple approach to design, it is highly stable and reliable in its operation even in the most demanding of working conditions. The construction is made possible with the aid of sophisticated CAD designs, Laser cutting process, CNC machining and 3D printing. It is exclusively designed to get the job done with ease and yield professional results every time.

The default powertrain for the Harbormaster is made possible with the use of a 25kg thrust motor. A powerful 60ah 12.8 volt lithium iron phosphate battery provides the required power to the motor for a stable performance that can last around 10-12 hours of continuous operation in the water. These batteries are far safer than the commonly used lithium polymer batteries when used in harsh working environments. The main hull features a robust design that is capable of housing in a Group 29D battery that can be bought from Walmart at an affordable price tag yet provides more than 20 hours of continuous operating times whenever required.

The Harbormaster can cruise around at 0.75 m/s to 1.2 m/s. Maximum speeds of up to 2.3 m/s can easily be reached with the sharp design in the front. Intuitive navigational commands are made possible with the remote controller that has an operational range of 1/3 miles.


This marine system features a fully autonomous GPS waypoint based navigation system that is possible with real time telemetry link. With the aid of a laptop or a supported smart tablet one has access to real time point and click on map control, create or execute complicated waypoint based missions as well as the option to view live telemetry and location information. The Mission planner is an open source software that can be used to determine the area to be surveyed and the navigational plan is automatically created in a few seconds with just a few basic inputs from the user. New missions and plans can be uploaded and commands can be sent in real time even when the boat has already begun its cruise. This is possible with the included 915MHZ telemetry module with over a mile of controllable range. Cellular telemetry is also available if required.


A smart controller that is commonly used in aircrafts, this unique feature contains a vast array of sensors that aids in a flawless performance at all times regardless of the situations. The wide array of sensors include a redundant IMU, Gyroscopes, Accelerometers, Barometer, Compass, Voltage and Current monitors. These intuitive range of sensors provide a comprehensive real time on-screen instrumentation as seen on most aircrafts. The resulting metrics are logged onto a micro SD card that can later be downloaded for analysis or used if required again.

HarborMaster can accommodate any type of payload according to your situational requirements or it can be professionally integrated with the following range of recommended payloads.


In order to relay and control the telemetry levels through the use of internet, this system is the one stop solution that gets it done with ease. It allows office users to direct the boat in real time, progress monitoring as well as viewing the high quality on demand video from anywhere in this world with the use of a high speed internet connection. If the cellular is unavailable, the smart system can automatically switch to 900MHz telemetry for local control inputs whenever required.


This is the ultimate solution for bathymetry. It is capable of saving the locations, side scan details and depth sounder recordings onto a Micro SD card at the same time. These details can later be used to process Bathymetric charts or visual sidescan orthomosaics using exclusive software such as Reefmaster, SonarTRX or the Hypack.

RTK UPGRADE  ($950 Upgrade)

Achieve easy relative levels that are accurate within a cm for your lowrance system. This upgrade is capable of feeding GPS data into the Sonar unit via NEMA0183. The unit includes a base and a rover which are designed to communicate corrections over the telemetry links of the boat.


This unique and useful package adds the water quality sensors onto the mainframe of the boat. This can then help to save or log the results to a USB flash drive that can be reviewed later. The sensors include Ph, ORP, Dissolved oxygen, Conductivity and temperature sensors.


Using a smart tablet, this unique feature lets you view the sidescreen results in real time. With an operational range of 200-300m, this is a great option when dealing with sunken items in great depths.


This is another useful addition to the boat that comprises a gimbal stabilized thermal camera with a resolution of 312 x 256. The video can either be accessed via a high speed internet connection that is devoid of the cellular upgrade that is stated above. The same video can also be viewed with the included 1.2GHz video link system.

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