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GoPro Karma Drone

GoPro Karma Drone

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Included in this package:

  • Karma Controller
  • Karma Drone
  • Karma Stabilizer & Harness
  • Karma Charger
  • Karma Battery (20 minutes of flight time on a 1 hour charge)
  • Karma Propellers (6 Propellers)
  • Karma Grip (Ultra smooth video—handheld or mounted.)
  • Karma Case (On-the-go storage, plus a built-in shoulder mount for Karma Grip.)
  • Karma Mounting Ring (Lets you use Karma Grip with GoPro mounts.)

  • GoPro Karma Drone

    Compatible with

    Compatible Cameras for the GoPro Karma

    GoPro Hero 5 (Black Edition), Hero 5 Session (coming spring of 2017), and Hero 4

    Where to buy the GoPro Karma DroneThe world of aviation drones is an exciting place to be right now. With newer models popping up every now and then, it sure requires an exceptional appeal to stand out from the rest. GoPro is a renowned brand who have established their strong presence in the field of action cameras. Their products have excelled in performance even in the most demanding of situations. All they required was the right platform to take their imagery skills to the skies above. This is where the Karma drone cruises in as the perfect aerial platform to get the job done. Featuring an elegant design, it is portable enough to be carried along on your adventurous trips with ease. Unlike most drones, the GoPro Karma easily folds up into a smaller structure that fits right in the included backpack. Image and video stabilization takes a revolutionary step in design and functionality which aids in some of the best aerial imagery yet. This little drone can accelerate quite briskly into the skies with a top speed of 35 mph. The smooth contours of the body enables it to attain a high velocity with incredible ease. It also features autonomous flight modes such as Orbit mode, Cable cam and Reveal (selfie mode). There is also a unique mode called as the Passenger mode which allows for a live stream to be shared along with a friend so that it can help keep track of the drone and where you might be flying it.


    GoPro has been the backbone in creating some of the toughest action cameras in the world and they have implemented the same with their Karma drone as well. Its design features a meticulously crafted structure that is functional in every aspect of being portable, yet robust enough to fly in the most demanding of situations. The propeller arms fold inward, while the landing gear which is located at the bottom easily folds up into the main body. This makes it incredibly small in stature and makes it ultra-portable to be carried almost anywhere. The four propellers can also be removed in case you want that little extra space. The designers at GoPro have made sure that you have no excuse to take Karma with you on those awesome adventure trips. The entire craft has a black and white color scheme with matte black finish to the landing gear, which in fact are two sturdy brackets that are designed to take the reasonable impact while landing. There is colored led lighting just beneath each propeller which acts as a guide in flight. Green colored lights in the front and red ones in the rear help you position the drone exactly the way you want it to be.


    The stabilizer for the Karma sits in the front of the drone, which is also the primary mount for the GoPro camera systems. It is a separate and removable unit that can be snapped on with the main body with the Karma grip. It has its own power source and does not require the drone’s battery source. What is truly unique about this stabilization system is the fact that it can be detached from the main body and can be used handheld shooting as well, if required. This is a revolutionary feature that is unique to the Karma drone and is sure to provide you with professional video/image quality at all times. The built-in battery requires almost 2 hours for a full charge but it can last for an hour and 45 minutes, which comes in quite handy.


    Though portable and versatile in design, there is no shortage of functionality, especially in the camera department. The Karma drone is compatible with the latest version of the Hero 5 Black and Hero 5 Session camera models which can be purchased separately as per your requirements. Both of these camera models provide you with top notch performance in video and still image quality. The Hero 5 Black series is the ultimate performer here while the Hero 5 Session series comes in a close second. Both are capable of shooting 4K video at 30fps while there is a significant improvement in other available video resolutions. When it comes to still photographs, the Hero 5 Black can click detailed aerial imagery at 12 megapixels, while the Session series catches up with a 10 megapixel resolution. The Black series also houses that extra oomph in performance with its slightly powerful 1220mAh battery compared to the 1000mAh battery on the Session series.


    The Karma is a surprisingly easy to fly drone that is capable of taking to the skies in just a few minutes. The yaw and pitch joysticks are flawless with their performance aiding in a stable flight and precise flight inputs. The center buttons for take-off and landing are seamlessly integrated which results in a smooth finish and a soft touch to it. It also aids in automating the functions for novice pilots who can enjoy with their first piloting experience. Though it lacks an antenna, which has been omitted to aid in the portability of the device, the connection remains stable at all times. Like a portable DVD player, the 5 inch High definition 720p screen folds down which also prevents it from being prone to any damages. The entire controller boasts a simple design structure that is user friendly for anyone to start piloting their first Karma drone in the skies above. The battery life enables the controller to be used for up to 4 hours.


    Karma is quite different when it comes to the overall battery life since it is a portable drone. Unlike the cumbersome drones, the Karma features a lightweight structure that enables for a judicious flight time of 20 minutes before it wants to return home. Charging the Karma’s battery requires an hour while multiple batteries can always be swapped in and out of the drone with ease, if required.


    Eventually you would need something apart from your regular backpack to carry the Karma safely to shoot in remote locations right? GoPro has made sure that you have the right thing for that by providing the Karma case. This is a neat looking carry case that can accommodate the Karma drone along with all its accessories and extra batteries if required.


    What you get in the box is more than what you might be hoping for. The package includes the Karma drone, controller, stabilizer and harness, charger along with the battery, 6 propellers, mounting ring for attaching GoPro mounts and a cool looking backpack. The backpack is designed to be ultra-portable which can house all the contents safely. It simplifies the process of transporting the Karma drone to remote destinations with ease and ensures you are able to capture all those special moments.


    The GoPro Karma drone is a versatile drone that is sure to enthrall you with its high flying capabilities along with its quickness and agility.  Though it is capable of taking 4K ultra high definition videos and click those gorgeous still photographs, it does lack some of the professional flying capabilities that some of its competitors do. This is certainly not a fragile drone. The construction is robust enough to tackle some of the demanding flying environments that it might be subjected to. GoPro as a company revolutionized the world with their action cameras that can take on some real beating. They have incorporated the same level of intricate build quality to their first drone, the Karma.

    If you are an avid adventurer planning on your next trip, make sure to buy the Karma and take it along with you. You would be amazed at what this little drone can do for you and captures all those magical moments at the right time with precision and dazzling color and detail.

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