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Gladius Underwater Drone

Gladius Underwater Drone 


Gladius underwater drone shoots 1080P/4K video and 16 megapixel photos at depths of up to 100m

Gladius is a refreshing new drone into the amazing world of drones. We all know about aerial drones conquering the skies around the world but the Gladius is the first drone to venture into uncharted territories of the deep water. Gladius is an Omni-directional quad propeller powered underwater drone that is bound to achieve perfection in underwater imagery. With more than 71 percent of the earth’s surface covered in water, one cannot imagine the possible wonders that await them under the vast seas and oceans around the world. Deep sea diving has helped many to see the beauty of the underwater scenery but nothing has been available to help record videos in places where humans cannot venture into. What lurks beneath the water may not be safe all the time and that is where the Gladius comes into play by taking the humans out of the water. The aquatic life has always been a spectacular sight to see and the Gladius can help you see much better in spectacular 4K Ultra HD quality. The Gladius was designed for consumer, industrial as well as scientific purposes which makes it a versatile tool for underwater imagery at any given time. It is small enough to be carried to any location of your choice and smart enough to get the job done in a matter of minutes.


An underwater drone needs to be elegantly contoured to reduce friction and maximize performance. This is exactly how the Gladius has been built and at just 6.6lbs it can easily fit into your backpack. All of its edges are beautifully curved that not only makes it look good but also helps it perform the part in its underwater operation. The 4K Ultra HD camera is safely housed within a bubble shaped dome in the front. Almost in the middle, there are two propellers to counteract the movement of Gladius underwater. Two more propellers are built in to the rear of the body to propel it through the water at 2m/s speeds in all directions. A powerful pair of 1200 lumen lights on either side of the body helps Gladius to see in dark underwater environment, where the availability of light is restricted by the clarity of the water. There are no removable components in the Gladius which aids in the robust waterproof design. The entire structure of the Gladius was designed and built for neutral buoyancy. This helps it to maintain a high level of stability under the water along with the combination of PID software algorithm. This stability is highly required when you are shooting 4K videos and 16 megapixels of spectacular underwater imagery. Gladius also has the capability to remain suspended in place for a precise inspection if required. The entire body of Gladius is waterproof which can help it to dive up to 100m below the water which can be increased to 500m with a unique semi-tethered connection.


Considering the fact that the world is slowly moving towards a 4K revolution in imagery, the engineers built the Gladius with a 4K Ultra HD camera that is capable of recording stunning underwater imagery. Professionals can rejoice in the fact that the Gladius has a low-light adaptable sensor along with image quality optimization algorithms that helps it achieve unprecedented levels of gorgeous image quality with no distortion. If you are not content with just videos then the Gladius can also record still gorgeous underwater still images at 16 megapixels. The 1200 lumen light provide 135 degrees of illumination if required and this helps the Gladius to record better in darker environments. What you see is what you get with the Gladius, since it has a Live-stream feature that streams 720p video to your laptop or phone and helps you record only what you need. This feature alleviates the post processing process and gets the job done much quicker. The video is recorded to the on-board storage where it can be later downloaded once the Gladius is out of the water and safe in your hands.


Practicality was the main priority for the engineers who built the Gladius. They made sure that setting up the Gladius and using it was done with ease at all times. The Gladius is ready for operation straight out of the box. The extendable remote controller helps you control the Gladius for up to 3 hours and capture the required underwater imagery. 3 hours of run-time is far more than enough for most uses, whether it is industrial, consumer or for scientific purposes. The image and data connection system uses a neutrally buoyant floating tether to communicate with a long range Wi-Fi signal. This unique semi-tether connection makes it safer to venture into deep waters and increases the operation range as well by up to 500m. The iOS and Android compatible application can be paired with the remote controller which helps you navigate the Gladius through the water wirelessly. Controlling is precise and with four degrees of freedom to move around makes it a versatile go to tool for underwater imagery at any given times.

Conquer the underwater landscapes with the new Gladius and become the captain of our fascinating water world.

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