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FPVLR Advanced Circular Antenna Kit for Phantom 3(Pro/Adv) or Inspire 1 (Boosted)

Up to 8x the distance of the stock antennas! This kit includes: 2 half sphere helix antennas conveniently installed on a single board, 2- 2.4Ghz Amplifiers, 1-  external battery and charger,  and 2 mmcx to rp-sma female cables. 

The antennas are 9dBi circular polarized helix antennas (half sphere helix). The circular pattern is the key to its success. With a linear antenna, for the best signal, or most information received by the receiver antenna, both antennas have to be of the same orientation. If they are everything is fine as long as you are in range. However, FPV having a moving antenna on the plane, this then means the antennas orientation will move depending on the planes position, its banking angle and its angle of attack.

With linear antennas, as soon as the transmitter antenna is away from the matching angle of the receiver antenna you incur losses in dbi. The further off axis the higher the dbi loss until the transmitter antenna is at 90 degrees off when you get the maximum -26dbi loss. With circular polarization however, no matter what axis the transmitters antenna is placed at, the circular pattern still matches the receiver so no losses are incurred at all. This gives you much more penetration through trees, behind obstacles and more. 

This SKU does not include the controller, or the installation. Only people with experience should attempt the install on their own.

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