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FAA Registration Full Service Bundle

FAA Labels Sizes

Our full service drone FAA registration service will include:

  • Space City Drones will register your drone / UAV for you
  • Create and send you a professional grade laminated, wallet size FAA registration card to keep with you while you fly
  • Create and send you 4 x polypropylene labels (that are scratch- and water-resistant and can withstand a greater level of wear and tear) with you FAA registration number.

Our goal here is to make minimize the stress of owning and flying a drone. We feel that as a drone pilot, you should enjoy your flights and not having to worry about the criminal penalties and fines of up $27,00 for not registering.  

The $5.00 FAA registration fee is included in the cost of this bundle. 


Drones, also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or simply just Unmanned Aircraft need to be registered with the Federal Aviation Administration if they weigh more than 0.55 pounds. Unmanned Aircraft is defined as any aircraft that is operated and airborne without the need for any direct human intervention.

For the drone to be eligible to be registered it needs to be owned by a citizen of the United States of America. The eligibility is also extended to all permanent residents of foreign origin or a corporation organized under the laws of the United States or any State, though the aircraft needs to be based and used in the U.S. Any government unit of the United States is also eligible to register its drone.

Any new Unmanned Aircraft needs to be registered under Part 47, which stipulates that the new UA must be the one that was not registered anywhere and is received fresh from the manufacturer. The original Registration Application, AC Form 8050-1 has to be used, and can be accessed here. Hard copy application forms can be got from the FAA Aircraft Registration Branch or at any of the Flight Standards District Office.

If the applicant is a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), complete details of the organization need to be provided, including the holding pattern of the management authority, look up the Limited Liability Corporation Registration Information Sheet for complete details.

For information about eligibility, various types of registration, the format for names, signatures, titles, and addresses, including all related issues, look up Form AFS-750-94

Please also include a Notarized Affidavit that establishes the required description of the UA with the following information:

  • Full legal name of UA manufacturer or builder
  • UA model designation
  • Serial number as it appears on the UA
  • Description (whether Airplane, Airship, Rotocraft, Glider, Hybrid Lift or Orinthopter
  • Maximum permitted takeoff weight of UA (this includes all items on board when airborne)
  • Number of engines
  • Engine Type (2 or 4 Cycle Reciprocating, Electric, Turbo, Fan/Prop/Shaft/Jet

Establishing ownership of UA by applicant

In order to establish the ownership of the UA the applicant needs to enclose along with the Affidavit an Aircraft Bill AC Form 8050-2, or any other transfer of ownership document for every subsequent change of ownership, either from the UA manufacturer/builder or retail vendor to the owner applying for registration. Or, details have to be given in the Affidavit regarding details from whom or where the UA was acquired, with reasons why a bill of sale or any other transfer or ownership document is missing while filing the affidavit. Please attach any other evidence such as sales receipt or invoice, if available.

Establishing fact that the UA is not registered elsewhere (country)

If the UA is purchased from a manufacturer/builder or retail vendor located in another country it is considered to be imported. If such an imported UA was not registered anywhere at the time of purchase, a statement saying “I purchased this UA new off-the-shelf item from the manufacturer, a retail store, catalog, or internet vendor named (give name) located in (city, state and country) on (date)

If the UA was registered or was operated in another country a statement from the Civil Aviation Authority of that country confirming the registration of the UA in that country has ended or it was never registered needs to be obtained. The affidavit needs to end with the following declaration:

“I hereby affirm the information and statements provided herein are correct, the aircraft is not registered under the laws of any foreign country, and I am the absolute owner.”

N-Number to be assigned to the registered aircraft

The UA owner may reserve a special N-number in advance for the registration, which will be assigned, provided it is entered in the form at the indicated blanks. Alternatively, a special N-number may be requested for while filing the application along with a letter listing several N-numbers in the order preferred. The first available number will be assigned and a fee of $10 needs to be paid. There is no charge for random numbers, which will be assigned if there is no request. A registration fee of $5 is charged and is payable by check or money order drawn in the favor of the Federal Aviation Administration, though Federal, State or Local government offices or agencies are exempted from paying the fee.

The registration documents need to be sent to the FAA, Aircraft Registration Branch, look for the addresses here.

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