FAA Card and Label Bundle

FAA Labels Sizes

  • FAA Card and Label Bundle

    This is our most popular service bundle.  This package is perfect if you are already registered with the FAA and all you need is your carrying card and FAA registration number labels. 

    • Create and send you a professional grade laminated, wallet size FAA registration card to keep with you while you fly
    • Create and send you 4 x polypropylene labels (that are scratch- and water-resistant and can withstand a greater level of wear and tear) with you FAA registration number.

    Our goal here is to make minimize the stress of owning and flying a drone. We feel that as a drone pilot, you should enjoy your flights and not having to worry about the criminal penalties and fines of up $27,00 for not registering.  

    Remember that all drone pilots who fly UAVs that weigh over 0.55 lbs must be registered with the FAA, carry your FAA registration card and label your drone(s) with your registration number.

    You only need to register one time, regardless of how many drones your fly.  So if you fly a Phantom 4, and a Inspire Pro you only need one FAA registration number.


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