Excaliber V2.0 - TPU 3-D Printed + Frame - 5"


  • Frame: Plus Style Frame
  • Frame Base Plate: One Piece Carbon Fiber Base Plate (3mm thick)
  • TPU 3D Printed Canopy
  • Camera Mount: fully integrated into pod - designed for mini-series cameras
  • Made in the USA
  • Product Description

    The excaliber 5" racing drone frame was designed for speed. With its plus configuration and its streamline custom engineered canopy, this drone will give you that locked in feel through turns like its on rails! The frame is durable, lightweight, and it sports a unique futuristic look that no other 5" drone on the market!

    The canopy completely covers the motor wires to protect against prop strikes, and has enough room for most 4 in 1 ESC's, a flight controller, a micro Runcam or Foxeer mini FPV camera, and IRC tramp style VTX's.

    Compact builds are now possible as technology continually reduces the size of drone components, ultimately allowing for ultra compact builds and maximum speed and agility. Start your next compact build today!




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