DJI Phantom Prop Guards (White)

  • DJI Phantom Prop Guards (White)

    The DJI Phantom prop guards are really a necessity if you own a DJI Phantom product. The 9'' props that are attached to the Phantom drones spin at a very high RPM and can cause a lot of damage if they come into contact with an object or person. This set includes (4) white prop guards with hardware.

    These prop guards are high pressure stamped out from the manufacture press and are all exactly the same size and weight. You also get connecting string to connect all 4 prop guards together. This helps protect any object that comes in between any 2 prop guards be kept from harms way. To make sure your Phantom flights are fun and safe, you need to have a set of these prop guards on your drone.

    (4) White DJI Phantom Prop Guards
    (1) Connecting String
    (10) Prop Guard extended screws. (2) Extra


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