DJI Phantom Prop Guards Red & White


  • DJI Phantom 4 with 9.5 inch attached propellers
  • DJI Phantom 4 Radio Transmitter
  • Up to 4 – 8  9 inch propellers
  • 3 Smart Batteries
  • Smart Battery charger
  • iPad mini or any 7 inch tablets
  • FPV monitor (eg. 7 inch Black Pearl monitor)
  • Cables
  • 4 Spare motors
  • Operating Manuals
  • A mini tool case to carry tools or other accessories which is also removable.

  • DJI Phantom Prop Guards Red & White

    The DJI Phantom prop guards are really a necessity if you own a DJI Phantom. The 9'' props that are attached to the Phantom spin at a very high RPM and can cause a lot of damage if they come into contact with an object or person. This set includes (4) prop guards in White and Red. The reason this is a great set is because when flying in the air, from the ground it can be a little confusingknowing where the front of your drone is if all of you prop guards are white. Having either the front or back of your drone prop guards a different color, it drastically helps the operator orient the drone.

    Along with the 4 prop guards, you also get connecting string to connect all 4 prop guards together. This helps protect any object that comes in between any 2 prop guards be kept from harms way. To make sure your Phantom flights are fun and safe, you need to have a set of these prop guards on your drone.

    (4) DJI Phantom Prop Guards, (2) Red / (2) White
    (1) Connecting String
    (10) Prop Guard extended screws. (2) Extra


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