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DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ Obsidian


DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ Obsidian -

20MP Camera, 4K Video - Includes 5.5" Screen  - BACK ORDER

The Phantom 4 Pro gave professional-quality aerial imaging and flight to photographers and pilots of all backgrounds. Now, this iconic drone is back with a completely new look. The shell of the aircraft and remote controller are covered in a sleek, matte-gray obsidian, flying in renegade style. In addition, the gimbal is crafted from strong, lightweight magnesium that is electroplated and coated with an anti-fingerprint layer.  The Phantom 4 Pro/Pro+ Obsidian also retains all the functions and characteristics of the original Phantom 4 Pro, such as an optimized camera system, production-value 4K capability, and obstacle sensing in five directions.

The Obsidian series is technically superior to most other drones in the market today. The flight modes on this quadcopter have proved to work at all times without any flaws. There are quite a few intelligent flight modes that you can choose from. Regardless of the weather condition, all of these flight modes can perform well to get the job done.

• Draw mode – Simply draw a rough pattern over the desired terrain and command the    drone to follow the path to get complex aerial imagery when required.

• ActiveTrack – Easily follow and capture the chosen subject, even if they are on the move.

• TapFly – Tap on the screen to choose a direction and the Obsidian follows it accurately.

• Gesture mode – Click those awesome aerial selfies with simple hand gestures to Obsidian.


The Obsidian Plus series boasts a 1-Inch CMOS Image Sensor that can capture excellent aerial imagery. 4K video is now captured at 60fps which gives it a smoother transition, while the ever so gorgeous still photographs are captured with 20 megapixels of vibrant colors and detail. The Plus series comes with a burst option that lets you capture still photographs at 14fps. The camera on this quadcopter is a brilliant asset for every professional in the imaging industry since the shutter has been replaced with a mechanical shutter to eliminate the shutter distortion. The 8 element lens captures images and video in rich natural colors without any flaws. If you are looking to impress your client or even if it is just for your personal enjoyment, the 4K camera on the Obsidian Plus series is sure to exceed your expectations. 

A safe flight is the number one priority for any aerial drone. The Obsidian series of the Phantom 4 Pro Plus has 2 cameras on its front legs, 2 on the rear and a pair underneath the aircraft. All of these cameras work in unison to assist the drone with a safe flight. Overall the 6 cameras mounted on this quadcopter provides the Obsidian with a 5-directional obstacle sensing and 4-directional obstacle avoidance capability.

The Phantom 4 Pro Plus Obsidian
 comes with a built-in screen with a 1,000nit display. This extra level of brightness helps it easy to view on a sunny day. Furthermore the attached display unit helps you get the work done quicker since there is no need to pair it with a smart device. The 15.2V 5870mAh battery used to power this quadcopter is strong enough to provide up to 30 minutes of uninterrupted flight time. Considering its size factor, this is a remarkable achievement. With this flight time you can easily cruise up to 4.3 miles (7km) and capture more than what you are looking for. The Intelligent batteries are fail-safe in its operation and prevents excessive discharge of power, while in storage.

With a host of other available accessories, the Phantom 4 Pro Plus Obsidian is the perfect tool for any professional who is looking to capture the best of both worlds through videography and photography. This is a reliable quadcopter which not only looks good but also performs its part as it takes over the skies above you.

Included in the box:   Phantom 4 Pro + quadcopter, Intelligent Flight Battery, charger, four pairs of propellers, remote controller, power cable, gimbal clamp, USB On-the-Go cable, microUSB cable, carrying case and screen.  

Intelligent Flight Batteries for the Phantom 4 Pro + Obsidian

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