DJI Osmo+ Handheld Gimbal 4K Video 3.5X Optical Zoom

Package Contents


(With a free high-capacity intelligent battery)


1 x Handheld DJI Gimbal and Camera
1 x Mobile device holder
1 x Wrist strap
1 x Shoulder strap
1 x Flexi Microphone
1 x High Capacity Intelligent battery
1 x Battery charger
1 x Micro SD card (16GB)
1 x Charger power cable
1 x DJI Strong case
1 x Rosette Protection cap
Instruction manuals are included as part of the package.

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    DJI has launched their latest and revised version of their iPhone controlled Osmo gimbal camera system. Osmo was a trendsetter with its unique nature, while the Osmo + takes it to the next level of performance. With added features and refined performance, the Osmo + is sure to enthrall you in a stable world of high quality video and amazing photographs that lets you cherish every precious moment.


    When it comes to the build quality, you can expect the very best of what DJI offers with every product. There is no denying to the fact that the Osmo + boasts a refined level of build quality that is ergonomically suited for long hours of use. With smooth contours and a firm grip, it lets you easily capture the moments with ease. Featuring the advanced stabilization system that was previously introduced with the Osmo, it helps to keep the camera steady and leveled at all times. Ultimate stability is guaranteed whether it is for your first film or that gorgeous photograph with your loved ones.


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