BOMB EVF [LCOS] (Battle-tested)

The BOMB EVF® [LCOS] (BATTLE-TESTED) is a high-definition, lightweight viewfinder that aligns quality performance with compact form factor—making it a great addition to your DSMC® camera system. Notable features include a tally light indicator for a recording reference, an integrated eyepiece heater, and two user customizable buttons.

RED Battle-Tested products have gone through a rigorous evaluation and factory-refurbishment process to meet product performance specifications. Products may include some minor cosmetic blemishes and carry a RED Re-Certified Warranty of 90 days from date of delivery.

The newly released WEAPON RED EVF (OLED) uses the latest OLED technology, provides an unmatched personal viewing experience with a high contrast 1080p OLED micro-display, and improved color accuracy with 30-bit RGB color representation for use with WEAPONRED RAVENEPIC, or SCARLET cameras.


Dimensions: 5.2"/132mm (long) x 2.25"/57mm (diameter) x 3.2"/79mm (high)

Weight: 1.2lb / 0.6kg

Operating Temps: -10C to +40C (-14F to 104F)

Storage Temps: -30C to +70C (-22F to 158F)

Notable Features: Integrated eyepiece heater, 2 User Defined Buttons, Tally Indicator

Resolution: 1280 (wide) x 784 (high) full-color

Bit Depth (Color): 30-bit RGB

Colorimetry: Rec 709 (nominal)

Contrast Ratio: 1000:1 typical

Display Modes: Free Run, Synchronous, Open Gate (Camera dependent)

Display Rate: Up to 60 FPS (Display mode and Camera Dependent)

Eyepiece Optics: Fully coated with – 4.0 to + 2.0 diopter correction range

Power: 6W (nominal) 12W (max) via camera interface


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