Azure Power 5045 Tri-Blade Prop


  • Size: 5"
  • Pitch: 4.5°
  • Hub ID: 5mm
Apple White
Ferrrari Yellow
HelloKitty Pink

  • Azure Power 5045 Tri-Blade Prop

    The engineers that designed these props truly understood what the community was asking for: a prop that can produce a large amount of power, yet still give you that locked in feel. We took this prop in the field and ran it through the gauntlet, and it still continues to impress us with its incredible performance.

    Here's what we found:

    1. Speed: Right off the bat, we noticed that these props have a serious punch, yet still give you a locked in feel for the duration of the flight. Even at full throttle.
    2. Noise: The Azure 5045 props sound super efficient at low throttle, and at full throttle, well; let's just say they tear through the air.
    3. Strength: We've put these things through the ringer and after a major crash, we simply bend them back to shape and they're good to go. We have yet to completely break one of these props.
    4. Power: These props absolutely dominate in the air. At a full punch out, they produce a serious amount of thrust.
    5. Feel: These props give you that locked in feel in turns, and they are very responsive to small inputs.
    6. Look: These props look amazing, and, let's face it; we all want our drones to look cool, even when they're stuck in a tree!
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