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Action Drone AD1-Thermal


  • Extra rechargeable battery
  • Smart battery for 3DR Solo
  • Charger not included/li>

  • Product Description

    Our quad copters have become popular among industries and commercial platforms looking for cost effective alternatives to traditional thermal imaging systems. The time taken to fly and capture targeted areas and the cost for such an operation is comparatively very reasonable.

    Thermal imaging camera drones have changed the scenario of how thermo graphic aerial inspection is done, in specific; it is very advantageous for photovoltaic systems inspection as well.

    Great Advantages of Drones with Thermal Imaging Camera

    These technology advanced drones are fitted with not just sensors but also thermal imaging cameras that help the pilot to capture images in the day and night. Likewise, imaging can be done for targeted objects that are obstructed by fog or smoke.

    The images and videos captured by the drone record the temperature values that help in analyzing and saving images for quick decision-making at the time of crisis.

    Search and Rescue Operations

    Unmanned aerial vehicles or drones provide instant help in locating and rescuing lives at the time of calamities like floods, tsunami and other natural disasters. Searching for missing persons and monitoring accident sites are also done with drones fitted with thermal cameras to assess the situation and get immediate help.  The UAV or drones not only helps locating people stranded in a remote location but can also are used for dropping supplies, medicines and GPS system before the rescue team reaches the site.

    Hot Spot Detections

    ActionDrone AD1 - flying near a towerThe aerial thermal imaging technology has advanced to a level where hot spot detection of huge industrial area or natural resources is possible in few minutes of launching the drone. As the flying UAV gets aerial view of the location in question, the images and videos are downloaded and immediate action as per the recording is executed. The process of surveying, recording, analyzing and referring to data is easy and simple with thermal imaging systems.

    AD1-Thermal Controls

    The main controlling system includes Radio frequency remote control, an advanced Telemetry radio device, gimbal for a smooth recording, Audio speech output, Vibration receiver signal strength indicator alerts and a maximum range receiver of 5 kilometers. These devices function together to bring out awesome outputs.

    AD1-Thermal Display

    Our drone has a display screen on the ground control that gives the first person view (FPV) and detailed ‘on screen display’ facilitating telemetry of the flight on high definition screens. Our high-end drones have features of picture-in-picture display, dual-split display where the pilot controls the camera for orientation.

    AD1 Compatible Cameras

    Our drones are built for high-tech Visual Pilot Camera and compatible to FLIR Vue or FLIR Vue Pro thermal camera that can be mounted simultaneously for various image outputs. The top-plate High Definition Pilot camera gives a totally different perspective to the client while sleuthing for imagery information. The Visual Pilot Camera provides the operator a parallel view of the space inspected and recorded for easy maneuverability. The thermal camera executes the transfer of images, storing them and processing for the client in radiometric data from the UAV to the remote control display.

    The thermal images are recorded in a color palette designed by the operator for showing different temperature representing a certain color in thermal imaging for processing data.

    Attractive Portable Design

    The aerodynamically built UAV can fold into a compact hard case for easy portability and operations in faraway places. The fold-away model has been one of our signature designs where the carbon fiber drones are made for durability and quality. The gimbal fitted on the front enables the pilot to view the picture without interruptions while the pitch axis rotates 180 degrees to get clear pictures from both the aerial view and straight up view.

    Custom-Made Flight Mission

    ActionDrone AD1-Ag, Autonomous Flight PlanThe UAV pilots can use waypoint technology to determine his own flight path making the whole transaction smooth and precise. The software for navigation can be launched from out ground stations, laptops, mobile phones and tablets to activate a perfect flight path.

    Pre-Determined Launching and Landing

    Our devices at the ground station are completely technology driven and can choose the destination for takeoff and landing of the drone. The Return-to-Home feature gives the UAV pilot the freedom to focus on the work and in case the battery beeps low, the drone automatically returns home to the starting point.

    Exceptional quality AD1-Thermal Drone Case

    Sturdy, designed specifically to fit in the quad copter and all the accessories by meeting the industry standards. The cases have evolved from rigorous testing to see that it is completely waterproof with an auto pressure equalization valve. The substance used for manufacturing the cases are resistant to fungal growth, corrosion and UV rays. The foam core used for the manufacture of this case is the best by industrial standards.

    AD1-Thermal Specifications

    Size:                      23.5 inches(597 mm); diagonal motor to motor
    Propellers:           11-12 in. carbon fiber hollow core
    Flight Time:          20 minutes
    Flight Controller:  Pix hawk (recommended) or user choice
    Take-Off Weight:  4.8 lbs (2.18 kg)
    Battery:                  5300 – 6200 mAh Lithium Polymer
    Modes:                   Autonomous GPS, Manual, Attitude
    Cruising Speed:    17.9 mph (8 m/s)
    Acres Covered:     100 sq .m in 7 minutes (10km/sec)
    Telemetry Range:  1 mi (1.6 km)
    Wind Tolerance:     20 mph (32.2 km/h)

    Every unit of drone aircraft manufactured is put under stringent tests to ensure the performance of the drones is up to the mark before packing them. The thermal imaging features put the drones into high temperature situations and hence the equipment must be toughened for flying.

    Drones are a welcome option to industries that need Thermo graphic data for their business operations. The collection and survey of data for instant processing enable the management to take prompt decisions that save time and investments. The profits are seen soaring up with timely decisions. Also, when natural disasters strike our region the drones are the first to venture into the affected areas for a complete and true picture. The Search and Rescue operations can equip themselves with complete preparedness of the situation and bring things back to normalcy. Our drones are operated under risky and dangerous circumstances which otherwise will have to be done by men. So, the low-risk factor and high profile data transferred for solutions factor make our drones indispensable!

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