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Action Drone AD1

  • Product Description

    Our exceptionally designed Action Drone AD1 has taken the aerial platform to a different level. Created by our expert team for industrial and commercial sectors, this Unmanned Ariel vehicle (UAV) has distinct features to provide customized solutions for all the complex problems faced by our clients.

    The package includes Ready-to-Fly Carbon fiber frames, FPV Equipment Ground Station with fully equipped screen, transmitter, antennas, pilot cam and switcher; Bluetooth Data link & Waypoint System. In addition to this, you will receive a transmitter radio, long range receiver, one battery, charger and a customized hard case or AD1 Backpack for easy storage and durability. Additional batteries and other accessories can be ordered depending on the usage and duration of the drone. A mobile device for accessibility to our app is a must. Our user-friendly manual or Quick Start Guide helps first timers and new users on how to assemble and get started instantly. Enjoy your flight with fully understanding the product for complete satisfaction.

    AD1 Flight Control System

    Principal Controller

    Being the brain behind the complete process of producing and analyzing flight data by collecting every relevant information from the system which includes the drone fight speed, inputs of the commands made and what the drone has been up to while on flight.

    The AD1 Control set come with very advanced Radio frequency joystick control, Quad Ball Bearing Gimbals, Receiver match, Smart port support, Vibration alerts, real time data logging. A long range receiver ensures continuous video and camera shots up to 5 Kilometers.

    Transmitter Controller

    With the help of the transmitter controller the quadcoptor is piloted to change altitude or directions. The four motors are used fly higher or lower or tilt according to the commands given by the operator.

    AD1 Performance Specifications

    Size:  23.5 in (597 mm); diagonal motor to motor

    Propellers:  11-12 in. carbon fiber hollow core

    Flight Time:  20 minutes

    Flight Controller:  Pixhawk (recommended) or user choice

    Take-Off Weight: 4.8 lbs (2.18 kg)

    Battery:  5300 – 6200 mAh Lithium Polymer

    Modes:  Autonomous GPS, Manual, Attitude

    Cruising Speed:  17.9 mph (8 m/s)

    Acres Covered:  100 sq.m in 7 mins (10km/sec)

    Telemetry Range:  1 mi (1.6 km)

    Wind Tolerance:  20 mph (32.2 km/h)

    AD1 Display

    You receive instant images and pictures with first person view (FPV) while flying this drone which has an enhanced On Screen Display (OSD) that has a compatible telemetry of the flight details on high definition LCD screens. The advanced version has picture-in-picture display, dual-split screen and a camera switch feature. This gives the drone pilot a hassle-free access to control the camera gimbal pitch or the camera for continuous feedback.

    AD1 Ground Station

    This model is compatible to ground stations of your choice. Smart phones, tablets, or Tough Book laptops are easily connected to Waypoint technology software accounts for extreme free-flying creative flight as per the pilot’s commands.

    AD1 Signature Folding Design

    Created for quality, durability with superior carbon fiber features has become the highlight of this design. Foldable and compact when not in use makes it easy to transport or carry around. The no-vibration gimbal which is front mounted allows the operators to view the field clearly. The gimbal rotates with its pitch axis in a full 180 degrees that switches from the surveying mode to inspection mode with ease.

    Precision Perfect Control

    Updated systems come with an array of flight modes leaving it to the pilot to decide which one works best for him. The GPS based system helps navigate and maintain altitude and positions. There are gyro stabilization which determines the altitude level hold mode and the manual mode. The pilots can reorient the direction of the flight with the help of the intelligent orientation control.

    Autonomous Flight Path

    Primarily, the drone is programmed to maneuver along the flight path determined by the pilot. This enables him to focus on the camera operations and the result leaves you spellbound. Adding waypoint technology using navigation software from the source ground stations such as the laptop, smart phones can see your drone go auto pilot.

    Auto Launching & Landing

    The awesome built-in features of Return-To-Home safety function, auto take-off and landing can be programmed for convenient landing and launching of the drone. This automatically gets activated when the radio signal becomes weak and is lost.

    Super Quality Hard Case

    The compact, foldable AD1 comes in an exclusive case made of superior quality foam cores that meets industrial standards for all flight equipments. Designed and manufactured with precision waterjet technology is resistant to UV rays, fungus and corrosion. The thoroughly tested compact case can hold the equipment secure for long term.

    Unique Features

    Customized applications – Payloads design patterns can be designed for mapping, creative work, surveying and inspection for which the drone has been allotted.

    Utility design – The low-profile, compact design enables the drone to hover, sail through and fly low altitude close to the target without obstruction or disturbance.

    Excellent visual perspective – The gimbal retains the movements by helping in smooth video shoots and perfect picture shots from the GoPro Hero 3 or 4 cameras.

    Compatible shots– The GoPro Hero 3 or 4 cameras and the top-plate HD Pilot camera are perfect fit for this version of drone. The camera is not included in the pack.

    The quadcoptor is an advanced model for industrial and commercial purposes where it can operate and fly continuously for 20 minutes. The lightweight design provides fluidity to the movements of the drone.

    Our Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is built sturdy for tough video shoots and harsh weather where our clients range from land surveyors, wildlife enthusiasts or construction site mappers. A promising investment for professional drone pilots as the demand for drones to solve innumerable business problems by getting instant solutions and analysis is in the pipeline. The design is very user-friendly and simple to operate as our clients are completely happy and satisfied with the product. The best part is that it can be customized to one’s requirements and accessories can be added as and when needed. Order our exclusive Action Drone AD1 for complete action and have a fascinating flying experience and career!!

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