OX FPV Acro Lite 230 Frame


  • Durable 4mm thick carbon fiber arms
  • Smooth top plate with countersunk holes designed for mounting a battery
  • 3 FPV Camera Mount Styles
  • 3 Arm Sizes
  • 2 Standoff Sizes
Camera Style
Arm Size
Standoff Size

  • Product Description

    The AcroLite 230 frame is the ultimate in freestyle flying as well as a very capable racer. The frame comes with your choice of 5", 6", or 7" arms.

    The AcroLite 230 is a low profile frame that comes with 20mm standoff's, this makes for a low center or gravity (the 20mm standoff's will only work with micro cameras) If you are using a HS1175 style or Mini camera, select the 28mm standoff's). There is plenty of space on this frame, and that makes it a really easy build. The frame comes with your choice of 3 different FPV camera mounts, as well as a XT60 plug mount, and antenna mount all printed from Black TPU.

    The Acrolite 230 arms are made from 3k 4mm thick carbon fiber, and the body plates are 3k 2mm thick carbon fiber.

    The arms interlock in the center of the frame. The frame also comes with a small carbon fiber VTX plate that is located in the rear of the frame. The geometary of the frame is H style "squished X " 230mm, it has amazing balance and low center of gravity.

    The arms are wider at the ESC end, and then get narrower at the motor end, this has far less air drag on the arms from the props. Each arm is replaceable, by loostening two bolts.


    1. Frame: 230mm H Style X
    2. Arms: 4mm Carbon Fiber 5", 6", or 7"
    3. Body: 2mm Carbon Fiber
    4. Standoff: 20mm Aluminum
    5. Motors: All Sizes
    6. Battery: Top Mount
    7. Use: Freestyle or Racing
    8. Camera & VTX TPU mount: 2g


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