Home and Commercial Inspectors

Home and Building Inspectors

Quadcopters make inspecting houses and commercial buildings much easier, demonstrating yet again the practicality drones offer in a variety of situations. It obviously follows that drones used for visual inspection purposes must be equipped with quality cameras and first person view (FPV), and many of today’s drones come with such features.  For example, the DJI Phantom 4 drone offer amazing technology advancements that will make the jobs of home inspectors and commercial building inspectors easier, faster and safer.  The Phantom 4 has a 4K camera, so collecting insanely high quality pictures and video for roofs, joist or areas that you just don’t want to climb to  is going to be  easier and saver than before.  Also with the Phantom 4, object avoidance technology will come in  handy when trying to navigate your quadcopter between builds, close to trees and fences.  The idea is that technology will avoid these obstacles automatically and allow you focus on getting better pictures and video rather than worrying about crashing your UAV.


Quicker Turnaround

Support above the bridge, steel structure close-upDrones are celebrated for being able to go where humans cannot. They’re subsequently highly useful in commercial and home inspection situations, because they can easily fly up to a roof, bridge beams and joints, or other area        that’s hard to get to and take videos or capture high-resolution images. Using drones saves serious time and labor, as inspectors can simply send them up to the affecte area and gauge the extent of damage quickly and efficiently.

 Quadcopters also offer quick turnaround for boiler inspection, which require climbing into small holes and crawling over ash-covered tubes to inspect for abnormal leaks and wear. This is a tiring, dangerous job, and one that drones can easily take over to provide more timely results.  Those of you that are in this profession, how does that sound.  Instead of sending you or one of your employees down a boiler pipe for an inspections, simply fly the drone down, and see what the drones camera sees in real time.

Safety Promotion

Unmanned aerial vehicles promote safety during home and commercial building inspections, as the inspector no longer has to risk climbing onto a roof or otherwise putting himself or herself in a potentially dangerous situation involving electrical wiring or boilers. Drones allow inspectors to keep their feet firmly on the ground while they showcase where the damage is and what areas requires extra attention.

Higher-Quality Information

Another way drones assist those in the visual inspection industry is by providing faultless, higher-quality information. Drones are capable of getting ridiculously close to their subjects, and therefore provide the detailed information inspectors need to make on-point statements and diagnose issues quickly.  Another option is to mount a small camera like the Sony A6000 to a drone and this camera not only has interchangeable lenses but has a digital zoom.  So when you need to get even closer, attached the camera of your choice with zoom abilities and you will be able to gather amazing pictures and videos for your reports and jobs.

Use Drones for Structural Damage From Natural Disasters

Drones have the ability to play a substantial role in visual inspections following natural disasters. Hurricane Sandy, for example, resulted in severe damage to much of the infrastructure of New Jersey and New York, and drone manufacturers suggested using the quadcopters to assess the damage. Putting unmanned aerial vehicles to work is much safer than using a crew in a helicopter, as drones allow the close-range inspection necessary to determine the right course of action without putting workers in jeopardy.

ISRAEL – NOVEMBER 11: Search and rescue forces
search through a fallen building for survivors during
an exercise on November 11, 2010 in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The terrible wake of Hurricane Sandy had those in the hurricane-tracking field calling for drone use. Quadcopters are now among the tools used by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to track hurricanes more effectively. Drones are capable of collecting essential data from the lowest part of a hurricane to provide forecasters with much more detailed information for predicting damage severity. Unmanned aerial vehicles act as “pre-first-responders,” capable of collecting priceless data. 


Will drones be the future of commercial and home inspections? There are still Federal Aviation Administration regulations to contend with, however it’s hard to argue the benefits unmanned aerial vehicles provide in regard to this and numerous other industries.

What Drone is Best for Visual Inspectors

When considering what drone is best for your job, the first thing to consider is your experience.  I say this because learning to fly a drone on a $10,000 UAV may not be the best idea.  I can tell you that when I first started learning how to fly a drone, it took many dives to trees, rocks, and the ground.  Each crash resulting in broken propellers, busted camera, and or a damaged frame.  Don’t learn how to fly using an industrial drone.  I would start with a Phantom 3 – pick which version is best for you best on the distance you need to fly and the quality of the images.  The DJI Phantom 3 Standard cost $499, but if you want to be able to fly a mile a way and enjoy the 4K camera vs the 2.7, go with the Phantom 3 Professional. These are great copters to learn to fly on because they are affordable, they are fixable and because they are popular, there are a lot of options to get them fixed and repairs.

After flying and learning on the Phantoms, you may start to see where you want more control. Maybe you feel you want to control the camera better, fly faster, or just have better control over your flight. Some of your options to look at would be the DJI Inspire 1 V2or the Inspire Pro. These are awesome quad and check out this blog to understand the differences.   Also, if serious quality and control is what you after, I need to talk to you about looking at the ActionDrones, either the AD1 or AD2 based on your needs and wants.



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