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Space City Drones has partnered with Affirm to offer transparent, quick financing to our customers, with no hidden fees or costs. You will never owe more than what you agree upfront. The total at checkout will always be what you actually pay. With Affirm, you split the price of your purchase into fixed monthly payment amounts that fit your budget.

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Choose Affirm as your payment option, provide your shipping details & enter your personal information. Affirm will provide a real-time loan decision. Select your preferred payment terms and confirm your loan.

DJI Drone Financing with Affirm

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Confirm your order details and you are all set; your order has been placed! After checkout is complete we will process and ship your products right to your door.

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With Affirm you can get your order right away and split your purchase into multiple payments to pay back over time. Choose the payment schedule that works best for you - 3, 6 or 12 month financing with rates from 10-30% APR. When you finance with Affirm you see the approved loan amount, interest rate, total interest you will pay, and the number of months that you have to pay off your loan all before signing up. 

Drone Financing - Finance Your DJI Drone Purchase

The drone market is buzzing with hobbyists, businessmen from the agriculture, construction and the media industries looking at drones as a good investment. Whether customers are looking for recreational drones or commercial drones, they consider it a good investment to take their business or passion to the next level. One-of-a-kind projects in photography, industrial inspections, commercial overviews and agricultural thermal images bring in perfect outputs that help in the productivity of the business.

Drones are expensive and big industries can afford to buy them across the counter. Small and medium businesses either hire a drone from commercial drone pilots companies or lease it for their projects. When you have an increase in your productivity and enable your management to make better decisions, why not buy your own drone? Purchase one at your own pace, in easy monthly installments depending on your affordability. If you have a particular drone model in mind, the feasibility of buying one of your own is very simple and easy.

There are many companies who offer to provide you with a loan approval to buy your drone and accessories. The payments are powered by many payment gateways and other alternatives which need not go through credit cards. Payment gateways are the most preferred mode of loan as it makes sure that your security and financial privacy are intact.

There are a few tips we would like to share here that give you the confidence of initiating you into buying the drone and how to choose the best options available in the market.

Easy monthly installments

Customers have the choice of taking a repayment period that suits them. Usually, it ranges from 6 months to 24 months where the client’s ability to repay decides the period of repayment. The company has to be flexible in terms of providing the facility to pay upfront and closing the loan as and when the client wishes.  

Instant financing sources

Select the best credit decision application that gives optimum solutions from lending companies who are ready to pay for your drone. Make the lenders work for your loan right from the application approval to the sanction of the loan.

Low Down Payment

Minimum down payment works great for the prospective customer. Get the best offer from creditors who suggest the lowest down payment and when the down payment is made the drone purchase are initiated.

Effortless Credit Approval

Online drone purchases on loan are given instant approvals with no paperwork at all! When a drone or a bundle offer is purchased, the buyer has to fill in an online application form and submit. It takes just a few minutes of processing with a green signal from the company for an approval to finally purchase the drone of your choice. The process is followed by the buyer signing the agreement and the down payment is paid. Now, the drone is shipped to the buyer in a couple of days. The advantage of getting it on a monthly installment scheme is that the buyer starts using the drone for his business in no time and reaping the benefits immediately. The drone starts repaying the loan, which eases the huge burden off the buyer. Check out our financing partner www.getfinancing.com and get the drone of your dreams right now and watch your business soar!

No Hidden Charges

Check out for any additional hidden costs with the seller and the lender which is usually levied after the hire purchase approval. Hidden charges are levied in addition to the monthly installments and further processing fees may also appear on the invoice. Clarify all payments to be done, compare different finance partners and their offers before going for the best one.

Total tax deduction

The full payment made on a financed drone for your business is totally exempted and hence it is 100% tax free. Claim your refund for the financial year you have made the payment.  We are not accountants, so please verify with a professional advisor first.

Customer friendly

Your financing partner has to be customer-centric with flexible options that would suit every customer who wishes to take a loan. The offer given should be viable and comfortable for the buyer to pay the loan with ease. The payment modes also matters as the customer can pay every month from the comfort of his home or workplace.

Business houses always keep their credit options open for other important investments. Financially sound companies keep their investments for the expansion of their businesses. They find drone financing a great advantage.

The best brands of drone manufacturers are well in demand and their marketing strategies have innovative options making drones affordable and easy to buy. Not only commercial drones but recreational drones are equally sought after by individuals looking at easy installment options. For example, hobbyists are constantly upgrading their equipments and cameras where the financing options work out great for them. Commercial drone pilots find more work and have instant revenue generation that helps them repay their loans. Click on our official website www.spacecitydrones.com for exclusive details on drone financing and easy purchase to launch your dream business and passionate recreations to soaring heights!


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