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Yuneec Drones

From its humble beginnings in the electric aviation industry, Yuneec has pushed the limits above and beyond for more than 15 years. Having won many accolades in electric aircraft technology, Yuneec was ready to implement its designs and technology into the fabulous world of drone aviation. In 2014 Yuneec launched their ready-to-fly, out-of-the-box drone to the world. They stormed through the drone world with their Typhoon series of drones which set them apart from their competitors. Yuneec drones are visually stunning to look at, even when they are not in flight mode. A futuristic design compliments every aspect of their drones. They included carbon fiber in some of their models which made it light weight and stable in demanding weather conditions.

360 degree aerial shooting was introduced by Yuneec by designing a landing gear that can raise up on the sides and provide a wider field of view for the camera. This unique mechanism also aids in promoting a streamlined contour for a smoother flight. Yuneec engineers strive to create a user friendly technology and they provided built in touchscreens for their controllers. This made it easy for anyone to start flying the drone within a few minutes at the touch of a few on-screen controls. The user interface provides a host of valuable flight information, which enables the user to have a safe flight at all times. The Yuneec controller was one of industry’s first to have a built in USB port that allowed for easy charging whenever required.

The camera systems used in Yuneec drones feature the latest in digital imaging technology that allows the user to capture aerial footage with stunning details. Full high definition has given way to the Ultra high definition cameras which have the ability to capture far more details and vivid colors. The tonality range that Yuneec cameras provide are considered to be one of the best in the competitive drone market. Quadcopters have given way to the rise of the Hexacopters which are far more stable in high wind situations. Yuneec hails strong as the first drone manufacturing company to incorporate Intel’s Realsense Technology in obstacle collision avoidance. This unique feature gave an unprecedented safety in the flight patterns of Yuneec drones at all times.

Yuneec has a stable customer support and an exclusive Youtube channel wherein they host a variety of training and how-to videos for the avid drone pilots. Yuneec drones are here to stay and every new model is introduced with a unique feature that makes it special in its own unique way.

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