Buy smart and save $100’s of dollars when you buy a refurbished DJI aerial drone from Refurbished drones are actually brand new drones that are bought by customers and returned within a week, simply because they wanted another make or model. Every refurbished aerial drone is thoroughly examined by our professional team of experts for any flaws and repacked with utmost care along with all the necessary components. 
At Space City Drones we offer smart saving packages on the following aerial drones:
  • Refurbished DJI Phantom 3 Standard, Advanced or Professional UAV's. 
  • Refurbished Phantom 4 drones  with 4K video recording capability
  • The complete Phantom 3 or Phantom 4 bundles include additional equipment such as extra spare batteries and a rugged carrying case that keeps your aerial drone safer for a long time.


Factory warranties on refurbished drones are equal to those on a new Phantom 3 or Phantom 4, with one exception: A refurbished drone can be exchanged only for another refurbished drone if returned unused within seven days. The strong warranty is evidence of the meticulous inspection, reconditioning and testing that goes into these birds.

Phantom 3 Features

Your Phantom 3 quadcopter has built-in GPS, so it remembers exactly where you were when you pressed a button to activate its Safe Return Home. Fingertip control lets you take off, hover, change altitude or direction, and return to base.

All Phantom 3 flying cameras are stable and fast. When connected to a smartphone or tablet, the Phantom 3 shows in real-time 720p video what your camera is shooting in 2.7K or 4K video, or in 12MP stills.

Phantom 4 Features

Get expanded flight time of up to 28 minutes, with range of up to 3.1 miles. You’ll see in 720p on your smartphone or tablet exactly what your Phantom 4 drone’s 4K camera sees and shoots.ActiveTrack lets your Phantom 4 recognize, follow and keep your moving subject in the frame.

With Tap Fly, it goes where you want it at the touch of a finger. Sense-and-Avoid capabilities enable it to go where you want while going over, under or around obstacles. It even has one-touch Safe Return Home.  

Parts and Accessories for Repairs, Improvements

Want more? An extra battery? A second remote controller? A carrying case? Spare propellers? A replacement motor or landing gear? Or something as simple as a lanyard for your controller? Shop the wide range ofparts and accessories available through Drone Nerds.

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