Inspire 1 V2.0 Quadcopter with 4K Camera & 3-Axis Gimbal

Inspire 1 V2.0 Highlights

  • This Item Includes: DJI Inspire 1 V2.0 Ready-to-Fly Quadcopter - Remote Controller - Camera with Gimbal - 4x Propellers (Pair) - Intelligent Flight Battery (TB47) - Battery Charger - SD Card (16GB) - ND Filter - Manuals - Power Cable - 2x Micro-USB Cables - Remote Controller Charging Cable - Camera with Gimbal Box - Carrying Case - Harness - DJI Warranty
  • Capture 4K Video and 12MP Stills
  • 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizes Camera
  • Up to 1.2 Mile Radio Range,GPS-Based Flight Control System,Vision Positioning for Indoor Flying,Live 720p HD Monitoring with Lightbridge
  • Thrust-Boosted Motors / New Propellers,Retractable Carbon Fiber Arms,Unobstructed 360° Shooting,Dual Transmitter Operation Support
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  • Inspire 1 V2.0 Quadcopter with 4K Camera & 3-Axis Gimbal

    Step right into the action with the Ready-to-Fly system of the DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopter.No major assembly is required for its first flight and you can capture gorgeous 4k Ultra High Definition videos and 12 Megapixel photographs that excel in clarity and color. The 3-axis gimbal system helps keep the camera steady for low light shots even in flight. This time around, you have brushless motors that are implemented in keeping the camera steady, even amidst flight or while hovering. It can pan a full 360° thus enabling the camera to remain locked on to the subject even if the drone takes another flight direction. The fixed landing gear automatically retracts once it is in flight, enabling an obstruction-free field of view to the integrated camera. The DJI Lightbridge application can beam a live feed to the display unit on the remote controller in high definition. The Inspire 1 utilizes the GPS-based stabilization system through which it can hold on to a flight position even under interference from wind. It can automatically compensate for zealous pilot inputs and help avoid stalling in mid-flight. Indoor mode flight is possible through the use of Optical Flow technology that relies on a special camera in the front to guide its path in tight spaces, where GPS is not an option to choose from.

    What Ready-to-Fly Means

    his Inspire 1 bundle comes ready-to-fly (RTF). This means a pre-bound transmitter (radio controller) is included and that no major assembly is required - in particular, no assembly that requires soldering. It is important - as with any multi-rotor - to follow the user guide to ensure proper calibration before embarking on your first flight

    DJI Inspire 1 V2.0 Camera System

    Integrated 4K Camera

    4K and HD Video Capture

    The camera used in the Inspire 1 Quadcopter is capable of recording videos in 4k Ultra High Definition at 24p and 30p. HD mode is available too with frame rates varying from 24p to 60p. The 1/2.3” CMOS sensor with a 94° field of view is perfect to capture awesome wide angle views of our world from above. The 35mm equivalent works out to about 20mm, which gives a field of view at par with fisheye but not as saturated. This indirectly promotes less distortion and emphasizes the subject even more.


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