The world of aviation drones is an exciting place to be right now. With newer models popping up every now and then, it sure requires an exceptional appeal to stand out from the rest. GoPro is a renowned brand who have established their strong presence in the field of action cameras. Their products have excelled in performance even in the most demanding of situations. All they required was the right platform to take their imagery skills to the skies above. This is where the Karma drone cruises in as the perfect aerial platform to get the job done. Featuring an elegant design, it is portable enough to be carried along on your adventurous trips with ease. Unlike most drones, the GoPro Karma easily folds up into a smaller structure that fits right in the included backpack. Image and video stabilization takes a revolutionary step in design and functionality which aids in some of the best aerial imagery yet. This little drone can accelerate quite briskly into the skies with a top speed of 35 mph. The smooth contours of the body enables it to attain a high velocity with incredible ease. It also features autonomous flight modes such as Orbit mode, Cable cam and Reveal (selfie mode). There is also a unique mode called as the Passenger mode which allows for a live stream to be shared along with a friend so that it can help keep track of the drone and where you might be flying it.

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