Gladius is a refreshing new drone into the amazing world of drones. We all know about aerial drones conquering the skies around the world but the Gladius is the first drone to venture into uncharted territories of the deep water. Gladius is an Omni-directional quad propeller powered underwater drone that is bound to achieve perfection in underwater imagery. With more than 71 percent of the earth’s surface covered in water, one cannot imagine the possible wonders that await them under the vast seas and oceans around the world. Deep sea diving has helped many to see the beauty of the underwater scenery but nothing has been available to help record videos in places where humans cannot venture into. What lurks beneath the water may not be safe all the time and that is where the Gladius comes into play by taking the humans out of the water. The aquatic life has always been a spectacular sight to see and the Gladius can help you see much better in spectacular 4K Ultra HD quality. The Gladius was designed for consumer, industrial as well as scientific purposes which makes it a versatile tool for underwater imagery at any given time. It is small enough to be carried to any location of your choice and smart enough to get the job done in a matter of minutes.

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