POWEREGG Drone with 360 Panoramic 4K HD Camera and 3-axis Gimbal

Drone Features

  • Maestro controller provides world’s first gesture based control
  • PowerEgg collapses into elegant egg shaped form, creating an ease of portability and storage
  • PowerModes let the drone execute complicated flight tasks, while you concentrate on capturing the shot
  • Return to Home brings the drone back to its takeoff point, and safely lands itself
  • Control ranges of up to 3.1 miles / 5 kilometers
  • Integrated 3-axis gimbal stabilizes and smooths video footage
  • Optical Positioning System allows for stable indoor flight
  • Customize the look of your PowerEgg through optional designer skins, including the winning design of the PowerEgg Design Challenge
  • Choose between the included the Maestro controller or a traditional two-handed joystick controller, both included with PowerEgg

  • POWEREGG Drone

    Being different is one of the most beautiful things in life. The world of drone aviation has seen many innovative designs, but nothing comes close to the revolutionary design of the PowerEgg drone. This is a drone that oozes beauty from all angles. Refusing to be ordinary, it takes a whole new form that is sure to entice your senses. Take one look at this drone and you will be amazed by its sheer appearance. Gorgeously crafted with elegant curves, it takes drone designing to a whole new level. With innovative features and an elegant design to suit its style, this drone is sure to stand out from the crowd in every way possible.


    The PowerEgg drone features a brave new approach to drone designing. This bold new design features the perfect harmony with durability, versatility and beauty. Resulting in its overall compactness, the PowerEgg drone is a testimony to the future of drones. The seamless integration of the operating components is a sheer thing to marvel upon. Everything about the PowerEgg drone is a thing of beauty, since it is unique in every aspect.


    Ultimate levels of precision adorns the PowerEgg drone. The four arms that hold the propellers and the landing gear gets tucked away into the main body. The result is a sleek looking body that not only easy to store away but also easy to be carried around. The transformation is a significant improvement over other drones and a bold new step into the right direction. Smooth edges and elegant contours provide the required aerodynamic efficiency. It also ensures complete safety while handling the drone. The 10.5 inch propellers are sturdy enough to propel the PowerEgg drone into the skies with high levels of flight control at all times. The maximum flight speed is rated at a reasonable 13 m/s in professional mode which is modest for a drone of this stature.


    The PowerEgg features a user-friendly approach in its operation. With the touch of a single button, it can take off automatically and hover up in the designated altitude. If you want the drone back, all you need to do is push a button and it returns safely to land in the same spot where it took off from. To keep you safe from its high speed propellers, the PowerEgg stays away from the remote controller while in operation. This provides additional safety to the user who can relax and enjoy operating the remote controller without the need to worry about crashing into the drone. The user can also set a pre-designated safe flight zone by marking a unique flight zone within which the PowerEgg would enjoy flying around. This is a pre-set function that can be adjusted according to the flying environment as and when required. This avoids the risk of the drone straying away from the user beyond the control range. Other intuitive flight modes include the Orbit mode where the PowerEgg drone will orbit around the pre-set target. A desired speed and distance can also be set to make the video more interesting. The Cable Cam mode enables the PowerEgg drone to fly along a pre-configured cable cam points as per the flight environment. This provides a unique flight path without the requirement of constant control at all times. The Follow-Me mode is something that most users like to use at all times. The GPS function in the remote controllers transmits smart commands to the PowerEgg drone to maintain a safe distance from the remote controller and user at the required speed and altitude with utmost precision.


    There are times when you might want to fly the PowerEgg drone indoors without the aid of GPS. This calls in for the amazing optical positioning feature of the PowerEgg drone. This allows for maximum versatility and a relaxing indoor flight experience, with safety as the number one priority at all times. With the built-in GPS system, outdoor flight experience is dealt with precision and provides the user with an amazing piloting experience. With the dual positioning systems, the PowerEgg drone can tackle some of the most demanding flight conditions to get the required aerial footage with total control.


    The PowerEgg drone can be controlled by the standard remote controller or the PowerEgg Maestro Motion based remote controller. Both these devices are crafted with precision and features state of the art technology whilst being housed in a user-friendly form of a hand held device. The Maestro gesture recognition based controller is a revolutionary new idea in the world of drones that has constantly seen only the use of joysticks for control. You can just move the Maestro controller to the left or right and the PowerEgg drone follows the instructions to move to the desired location, without the need for precise inputs from a joystick. There are designated buttons on this controller that makes the art of clicking a selfie or controlling the camera an easy operation to deal with. The remote controllers boast a long range of controllability with a maximum operational range of 5 kms or 3.1 miles.


    A powerful 1/2.3” CMOS sensor is responsible for recording stunning aerial footage on the PowerEgg drone. With a 95° FOV and an extreme wide angle view lens with minimum distortion, it is the perfect tool for capturing that award winning video when required. The aperture remains wide open at f2.8 which allows for much more light to fall onto the sensor which results in professional grade aerial imagery. Image noise is highly controlled even at higher ISO in low light shooting situations. Videos can either be recorded in 4K ultra high definition, Full HD or HD resolution as per the requirements. The camera system is housed on a 3-axis gimbal system that provides the essential stability even in turbulent flying conditions. Videos are crisper and photographs are dealt with true to nature colors that are gorgeous in every aspect.


    The PowerEgg smart battery is a highly efficient battery system. This high capacity battery can power the drone up in the skies for a maximum flight time of 23 minutes. The power is rated at 6.4mAh with fast charging feature for getting the PowerEgg drone back in action with minimum intervals for charging.


    The PowerEgg can also be controlled using the dedicated mobile application that is designed to be used with iOS and Android users. So when you couple it along with a smart device, the PowerEgg lets you enjoy the moments in the comfort of your own viewing screen that also provides the essential flight information for perfect flight control at all times.

    In conclusion, the PowerEgg drone is a drone that is sure to entice everyone when they see it for the first time. It does not comply with the regular norms of drone designs and follows a new path in its own way of unique appearance. It is not only beautiful to look at, but is also smart enough to get the job done. The build quality is top notch and the whole concept of portability is taken to the next level with its simplistic design and construction. If you are someone who likes to stand unique amongst a group of people or if you are person who likes to own something unique, then the PowerEgg drone is just the right drone for you. It is beautiful enough to capture your senses even when it stationary or being stored away for its next flight to an amazing destination every other day. The simple levels of user inputs that are required to fly this drone makes it a versatile tool for any age category to start enjoy flying a drone and join in the rapidly emerging world of drone enthusiasts.


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