OX FPV Expo X Frame


  • Durable 4mm thick carbon fiber arms
  • Smooth top plate with countersunk holes designed for mounting a battery
  • Designed for micro or mini cameras
  • Comes with TPU printed camera mounts
Camera Style

  • Product Description

    The Expo X is a true X shape frame measuring 230mm. Some of the features include the positioning of the stack slightly to the back of the frame, making room for the camera to be incorporated into the body of the frame for maximum protection. The arms are sandwiched between the bottom plate and the lower brace plate providing maximum rigidity.

    The frame has holes for 30.05 x 30.05 as well as 20 x 20 stacks. There are plenty of slots and holes for cable ties to fasten down components. The frame can be ideally used with a micro or mini camera. The top plate is also chamfered, giving it a really nice smoothe round edge.

    The bottom gas pressnuts already installed, so it makes changing out arms a breeze. The top plate comes with mounting holes so that our GoPro mount bolts right on. This is an extremely well balanced frame ideal for freestyle or racing. The frames comes with TPU printed camera mounts.


    1. Frame: 230mm True X
    2. Arms: 4mm 3K Carbon Fiber
    3. Body: 2mm 3K Carbon Fiber
    4. Standoff: 25mm
    5. Motors: 22xx, 23xx
    6. Battery: Bottom Mount
    7. Use: Freestyle or Racing
    8. Made in America


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