Mobula 7 Stiffener Plate


  • Weight: 1.4 grams
  • Carbon Fiber Thickness: 1mm
  • Longer hardware included: M1.4 x 4mm
  • Clearance for two one cell batteries
  • Clearance for one 2 cell battery

  • After flying the Mobula 7 around for a few months, we noticed that the plastic frame started to bend over time. This bend affects the flight characteristics dramatically so we set out to design a solution for these plastic whoops.

    We designed a carbon fiber plate that mounts directly beneath the motors to help stiffen the drone up even after those hard crashes (we all do it!). If you still want to keep the ducted motors and want the added rigidity without excessive weight, then this stiffener plate will be a great addition to your whoop arsenal!

    The plate fits right between two single cell batteries, and fixes the issue of loose batteries. There is still room for a single 2 cell battery, and it will have the added protection of the carbon fiber plate as protection.


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