OX FPV Invert FS Frame


  • TWO configurations - arms on top or on bottom
  • Durable 4mm thick carbon fiber arms
  • Smooth top plate with countersunk holes designed for mounting a battery
  • GoPro Mount Bolts
  • Made in America
  • Comes fully assembled ready for your next build!

  • Product Description

    Check out the new OX FPV Invert FS Frame! This frame is unique because you can build your drone with the arms on top, or with the arms on bottom! Depending on your flying style, you can mount your battery on top of the frame, or underneath the frame, and still keep the CG of the aircraft as close to the middle as possible!


    1. Frame Freestyle
    2. Inverted Arms 4mm Carbon Fiber
    3. Standoff's 20mm
    4. Motors all sizes
    5. Battery Top Mount Straight or Sideways
    6. Camera: Micro TPU Printed
    7. Includes Printed Arm Guards
    8. Props: 5", 5.5", & 6"
    9. Made In America


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